8-FIGURE CLUB Annual revenue: $7M to $100M

By Invite-Only

  • Mastermind with top elite 1% of women entrepreneurs
  • Millions of $ worth in intellectual capital with 8 figure women
  • Monthly curated connections to members' VIP rolodex
  • 2 in-person weekend retreats, develop high-level "Board of Advisors"
  • Structured mentor/mentee opportunities with 7 Figure Club members

Launching Soon!

Co-led by Lisa Hufford + Angela Jia Kim.

Lisa Hufford Angela Jia Kim

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The 8-Figure Club is By-Invitation Only. If you would like to be considered for a 8 Figure Club, please follow these instructions:

Complete online application form:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Please describe your business in three sentences or less.
  • What is your "gift to the world" or your "zone of genius"?
  • + more questions...

Complete Application

If the application passes to the second round you will be contacted for a phone interview.

We will email you:

  • Your club membership fees
  • Your membership structure
  • Your launch date.
All potential club members are voted in by current club members. Please note that a nomination from a current club member carries weight.

If you have been invited into the club, we will:

  • Extend an official invite
  • Include preparation exercises
Please know that there are only 8 spots available, and we take into consideration the chemistry mix (because if the chemistry ain't right, it won't work), level of business savvy, past achievements, and area of expertise.


The 8-Figure Club is an annual club
for the top 1% of women entrepreneurs who know it can be "lonely at the top".

The club provides the opportunity for powerful and meaningful connections with other vetted 8 Figure women who "get it".

The philosophy of the club is similar to a Tennis Club: In order to improve your game, you must play with teammates that can hit the ball back (if not harder) so that you can grow.

If you are always the mentor (to employees, clients, or other entrepreneurs), you are hitting the ball hard and no one is returning it. This doesn’t help YOU to grow or feel supported.

If you hit the ball with other women who are playing at your level or higher, watch what fresh million-dollar perspectives and connections from other elite women will do for your game.

Co-led by Lisa Hufford, founder of Simplicity Consulting, and Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor the Success.

Lisa Hufford founded her marketing consulting agency that builds flexible teams for Fortune 1000 sales and marketing groups. Simplicity was recognized on the INC 500/5000 fastest-growing private U.S. companies. Lisa is a consulting expert and speaker on personal branding and teaching professionals how to lead a flexible lifestyle.

Angela Jia Kim has led thousands of masterminds, inspiring women to create powerful connections and breakthrough into the million-dollar threshold through her “Give Give Get” method. Her curated connections and platform have landed club members lucrative business deals and have gotten them major national press from her media contacts. She is the founder of Om Aroma organic skincare and Savor Spa, a boutique spa located in NYC’s West Village.

The club also provides support for members' spouses or significant others. There's an art to navigating both business and personal lives, and we provide support for them so YOU can feel supported like never before. (Don’t worry, we do it in a way that appeals to men… nothing touchy-feely, and yes, beer & golf included.)

Ready for a year of unprecedented growth? Request an invitation by filling out an application here.


  • "Woman of the Week" Homepage Feature
  • 2 RTW Tickets
  • Official Blogger Status
  • 12-Month Premium Ad Space
  • Speaking Opportunities



  • Members serve as a high-level "Board of Advisors" helping with corporate advice, blind spots, and resources
  • Members are protected and respected by not being pitched for products or investments by other members in the club
  • Members are asked to use their companies as a way to improve the world and develop talent and people
  • Support around how to help your spouse or significant other to thrive while living with a powerful, successful woman
  • Curated connections made within the club
  • Structure, support & accountability to "5 Year Vision Plans, Annual Milestones, Monthly Maps, Weekly Goals"
  • Choose ONE goal that will change your life forever (we help you choose a big bold goal very carefully!)

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