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    5-Year Vision Plan
  • Weekly accountability & support
  • 2 group coaching calls per month
  • includes Premium Membership

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Co-led by Lisa Hufford + Angela Jia Kim.

Lisa Hufford Angela Jia Kim

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The Breakthrough Club is a 6-month program
for women entrepreneurs who are ready for their big breakthrough.

You will be creating your 5-Year Vision Plans, North Star Missions, Annual Blueprints, and Monthly Milestones.

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor the Success and Om Aroma organic skincare, founded the M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T Method using Vision Books, the collective support of other highly successful entrepreneurs, and other exercises designed to use VIP connections to benefit the group.

Led by a certified M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T Method Mentor, the philosophy of the club is similar to a Tennis Club: In order to improve your game, you must play with teammates that can hit the ball back (if not harder) so that you can grow.

Your mentor will be leading you through ONE big breakthrough goal that you will aim to achieve within the six month program and hold you accountable to meet that goal.

You will use your 5-Year Vision Plan to increase cash flow, get more clients, build a scalable business model, and help you to stay focused and inspired!

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  • Weekly Accountability Support
  • Set a goal for the week and make sure you meet that goal!
  • 2 group coaching calls per month
  • All Premium Member Benefits



  • Month 1: Create Your North Star Mission, Choose ONE Goal for the Year
  • Month 2: Create Your 5-Year Vision
  • Month 3: Create Lightning Rods for Cash Flow
  • Month 4: Create Your Annual Blueprints
  • Month 5: Map Out Monthly Milestones
  • Month 6: Review, wrap up, Savor!

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