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  • Monthly in-person mastermind with
    other Savor Premium Members
  • Access to platform building cafes (Twitter Thursday, Facebook Friday's and more)
  • Access to VIP Premium Member's only virtual cafe
  • Access to PR Opps exclusive to
    Savor members
  • Access to Savor expert video and
    audio library


Tap Into the Top Women Entrepreneurs in the Network

  • Meghan O'Sullivan

    Meghan O'Sullivan

  • Elizabeth Larsen

  • Ivy Slater

  • Jenny Powers

  • Angela Jia Kim

  • Shannon Francis

  • Bonnie Park

  • Diana Seo

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The In-Person Premium Membership is designed to help women entrepreneurs connect in their communities in person and online nationally with serious business owners PLUS get all online membership benefits.

Founder Angela Jia Kim has developed a new way of connection called, "Give, Give, Get!" that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of business and increased revenue for Savor members.

Not only have our members connected with each other on a deeper and more meaningful level, many have become lifelong friends (because entrepreneurs get each other).

Our popular in-person masterminds and networking events are fun, fresh, and focused and are designed for the busy entrepreneur who doesn't have time to waste.

Learn from experts and then connect through our Mastermind break-out groups where you get 7-10 minutes of the group "think-tanking" on YOUR behalf. It's a whole new way of networking, and it's proven to work.


  • Monthly In-Person Masterminds
  • Connect nationally in the VIP Premium Member Virtual Cafe.
  • Rock the World conference discount
  • Savor Academy (Branding, Marketing)
  • PR Opps, Media Lists



  • Connect in person with other women business owners in your community.
  • Choose a 30-day project and be held accountable every month.
  • Get resources in the VIP Premium Member Virtual Cafe.
  • Get a free banner ad on your Savor profile.
  • Network with other members during a monthly Fireside Chat call.

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