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  • Laura Baddish Posted by Laura Baddish on November 21, 2014 - 2:50pm

    Posted by Laura Baddish

    Hi all, Happy Friday!
    Are you browsing for the perfect hostess gifts? Don't show up empty handed!
    Our client, Nudo Italia http://www.nudoadopt.com/italia.php allows you to enjoy the harvest of an olive tree or a Darjeeling tea garden that you’ve “adopted,” either for yourself or as a gift!  
    If you are currently planning your Cyber Monday or Black Friday steals, you are in luck! Nudo is offering a 20% off discount on all adoptions with the codes below. The Nudo offerings are unusual, sought after and guaranteed to elicit oohs and aahs from the recipient.  
    Shop and adopt using these codes:
    November 28th, Black Friday: NUDOBLACK20
    December 2nd, Cyber Monday: NUDOCYBER20 
    I have attached more information below on the Adopt programs. Please feel feel to reach out if you have any questions. 

    If you have a foodie or a tea lover on your holiday gift list, take a look at 
    Nudo (www.nudoadopt.com), which allows you to enjoy the harvest of an 
    olive tree or a Darjeeling tea garden that you’ve “adopted,” either for 
    yourself or as a gift.
    While Nudo calls this an adoption program, it’s comparative to a CSA of sorts 
    – for a very specific product. You are supporting the olive and tea farmers 
    directly, and on an annual basis with a basic fee, paid on a quarterly basis 
    ($59 quarterly for yourself, or $69 as a gift for olive oil; $29 quarterly for 
    yourself, or $39 for a gift for tea). Your reward is the fruits of their labor, 
    straight from the countryside to your door.
    The gift subscription includes an adoption pack, the spring delivery of tea or 
    olive oil and is delivered immediately. For the gift option, you also can add 
    any additional deliveries you would like (which will arrive on schedule). The 
    olive oil or tea adoption subscription will send you a quarterly delivery of 
    your selected product.
    Nudo was first an olive grove. In 2005, Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers set up 
    Nudo after buying and restoring an abandoned 21-acre olive grove in Italy’s 
    Le Marche. Now the program involves a collaboration between a group of 
    small scale, artisanal olive producers in Le Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily. Nudo 
    then extended its offerings of simple, pure products with no pesticides, 
    additives or modifications, to include tea. Nudo Darjeeling has gardens in the 
    Darjeeling region, which lies in the most northwestern corner of the state of 
    Bengal, India.
    Nudo also allows you to enjoy their foods without adopting a tree or garden, 
    too – at a slightly higher price. But if you aren’t ready to commit to something 
    you haven’t tried – or need a physical gift – this might be your best option.
    Shop or adopt at www.nudoadopt.com

    laura baddish, lbaddish@thebaddishgroup.com

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