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  • Posted by Maggie Chu on April 20, 2016 - 12:45pm

    Posted by Maggie Chu

    Hey Savor Sisters!  Maggie here, and to quickly introduce myself I've been helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and sales professionals make the most out of their new ventures for over ten years. I use my tried and tested techniques to support and empower those who are just starting out, and those READY to reach new heights to maximize their business potential.

    Ready to Increase your enrollment conversion during your consultations and free sessions?  Be sure to implement the strategies below!  They are free, so why not use these proven tips, right?!  ;)


    Learning how to NOT be attached to the outcome of your session- whether your potential client is a YES or a NO will help you achieve much bigger sales results. This is the difference between enrolling with ease- WITHOUT being pushy and salesy, and BOMBING a session because of desperation.

    One of the biggest mistakes I often hear a lot of coaches and consultants make is offering too many options for people to choose from on how to work with them, or even how to pay for the program. Too many options will get people overwhelmed because they lack clarity on which option to go with. Lack of clarity leads to procrastination, then you’ll have created your own deadly objection of – “I need time to think about it.” So keep it simple going forward.

    Talking less and listening more is the key to the success of your session. By implementing just this strategy alone, your potential client will have the opportunity to go through a powerful discovery process, step into their vision with your guidance, and enroll themselves into working with you.

    Bonus Tip
    In my upcoming master class, I share “6 Powerful Strategies to INSPIRE Others to Say YES to Take Action NOW.” You definitely do not want to miss the #1 MOST CRITICAL MISTAKE that makes people NOT buy or enroll so that you know how to avoid this costly mistake and stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

    To access the exclusive limited time training free go to:

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