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  • Posted by Patty Lennon on May 25, 2016 - 6:22pm

    Posted by Patty Lennon

    If you are craving flow in life and business (and would love some extra revenue thrown in at the same time) register for this free Webinar:

    SOUL INFUSED BUSINESS FAST TRACK: LOVE VS. FEAR in life and business.  You will:

    • Access your intuitive wisdom to choose which strategies are right for your business so you no longer doubt what you are supposed to be doing today, tomorrow or next month to grow your business 
    • Prioritize your work so you are focused on the tasks that will grow your tribe and increase sales
    • Intuitively Connect to the wants needs of the people you came to serve so that you can design packages your people want to buy 
    • Set prices that are fair for your time and talent so you can quit overworking   

    Register here: ;


    Patty Lennon

    Intuitive Business Coach and National Speaker

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