Workshops, Giveaways, Great Deals Cafe - Savor the Success Cafe 2017-10-02T23:22:07Z (Savor the Success Founders) en Re: Selling GOLD Ticket to 2017 Savor Life Summit by Margaret H. Wagner I'm selling one GOLD Savor Life Summit ticket for December's discounted price of $797. Please email me at: or call my cell at 1-203-209-0047 if you are interested. Alas, my travel plans changed and I'm overseas, and not able to attend... because the Savor Life Summit is a must attend! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Margaret H. Wagner WRITE IN THE BEAT Dance/Movement/Arts 965 Magnolia Avenue, Unit 6... 133361 (Margaret H. Wagner) 2017-10-02T23:22:07Z Re: FREE Webinar by Vanessa Kromer Ladies...are you worried you cannot move forward in your business because you have a small email list? Worry NO MORE! Join me Friday 1/13 at 11am EST for my FREE webinar all about how you can still be successful with a small list! Register now! Best Regards,  Vanessa Vanessa Kromer Female Entrepreneur Success + Life Coaching    ... 124008 2017-01-10T03:08:42Z Re: 2017 BOOK CLUB for Female Entrepreneurs by Vanessa Kromer <3 COMING SOON! ////2017 FREE Book Club for female entrepreneurs. Join success and life coach Vanessa Kromer for in-depth book studies on SIX amazing business and self-improvement books throughout the year.  ***Are you ready to.... -grow your business in 2017? -push yourself personally to learn more? -engage in meaningful conversations with other female entrepreneurs?  -take time for yourself?  -think out of the box? ***Topics covered.... -business buildi... 122381 2016-11-26T20:43:11Z Re: Giveaway Time. FREE PR and Business Coaching! Enter to WIN. by Vanessa Kromer DOMINATING GOAL SETTING & PR FOR YOUR SMALL BIZ GIVEAWAY GET THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO PLAN & LAUNCH A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Struggling to create a business plan? Want media coverage in top magazines, newspapers, and websites? Whether you need help planning goals, developing a business plan, or getting media coverage, one lucky winner can win two coaching sessions with business mastermind, Vanessa Kromer, and a complete PR package so you can develop a PR plan that's easy t... 121473 2016-11-01T23:55:47Z Re: Infuse Your Soul Back Into Your Business! by Patty Lennon If you are craving flow in life and business (and would love some extra revenue thrown in at the same time) register for this free Webinar: SOUL INFUSED BUSINESS FAST TRACK: LOVE VS. FEAR in life and business.  You will: Access your intuitive wisdom to choose which strategies are right for your business so you no longer doubt what you are supposed to be doing today, tomorrow or next month to grow your business  Prioritize your work so you are focused on the tasks that wil... 116025 (Patty Lennon) 2016-05-25T22:22:40Z Re: Mindfulness for Parents - free online class *ONLY 3 spots left* by Chelle Johnson I’m working toward my coaching certification in mindfulness. As a project, I’ve developed a mindfulness course for parents that I’m prototyping now. In the class you will:  - Learn how mindfulness can improve health, emotional resilience, mental focus and life balance (all things we need more of as parents!)  - Experience a variety of mindfulness techniques including practices you can do with your kids  - Develop a simple mindfulness practice for yoursel... 114927 2016-04-25T23:16:40Z Re: [FREE Virtual Master Class] 3 Powerful & Easy Tips to Boost Your Enrollment/Sales Rate! by Maggie Chu Hey Savor Sisters!  Maggie here, and to quickly introduce myself I've been helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and sales professionals make the most out of their new ventures for over ten years. I use my tried and tested techniques to support and empower those who are just starting out, and those READY to reach new heights to maximize their business potential. Ready to Increase your enrollment conversion during your consultations and free sessions?... 114760 (Maggie Chu) 2016-04-20T16:45:26Z Re: TIPS for Landing a TEDx Stage by Dolores Hirschmann ARE YOU READY TO PLAY BIGGER? Learn the 3 things you need to do to navigate the TEDx World. I am a Strategist, Coach & TEDxOrganizer and I'm offering my insights and skills to help speakers (both new and seasoned) design their 18 minutes of impact and navigate the TEDx world. Download your FREE teleClass Now!   Dolores  PS: Are you looking to promote your book or reach a larger audience? Have you thought about applying to speak at a TEDx Event? ... 114756 (Dolores Hirschmann) 2016-04-19T21:40:25Z Re: Free Legal Consultation by N S Hello Savor Sisters, I am an attorney working with entrepreneurs, and business owners in the creative field. I advise clients on their intellectual property rights and design ironclad contracts for their business. I protect, monitor and enforce unique and valuable intellectual property rights in the form of trademarks, trade dress, copyrights and trade secrets. Here are some examples: ·  Trademarks - Brand names (“Apple”), product names (“iPa... 114002 2016-03-31T21:46:12Z Re: The Transition Lab - Accelerator from Corporate to Entrepreneurship 9 Week Master Course- Starting on March 8th by Seema Alexander Hello Fellow Savor Sisters, Many of you have known that for the last several months I have been working on something BIG for my corporate / 9-5ers community who want to take the LEAP and become full-time entrepreneurs! I have been listening to my FACEBOOK COMMUNITY (Life After Corporate Mastermind--a save haven for transitioners) EVERYDAY to hear the things they need help with... Identifying the most common things my clients initially STRUGGLED with in their transi... 112540 (Seema Alexander ) 2016-02-22T19:41:48Z Re: What's your True North? Group Coaching for Smart Women to find and reach their north star. by Lisa Fain Treasured Savor Sisters: Do you know a smart woman (30-55) who is looking for clarity and action in 2016?  Two sessions of "Finding and Mapping Your True North", a small group coaching program for women, begin in early January and are enrolling now.  One session meets virtually so women anywhere can join, a second session is live for participants in the greater Seattle area.  Please pass this along -- I'm offering a 15% discount for friends and family of t... 111017 (Lisa Fain) 2016-01-06T21:10:25Z Re: Six Figure Soul Infusion Business Retreat! by Patty Lennon Since growing my own business to six figures and beyond I’ve wanted to host an event that serves as a catalyst for service-based entrepreneurs to embrace your soul’s role in creating prosperity and business growth.   In this one day event you will tap the limitless wisdom your soul holds for creating six figures and beyond in a way that honors your mission on this planet.   You will also connect with the Guides & Angels who are assigned specifically to ... 111003 (Patty Lennon) 2016-01-05T16:07:10Z Re: Create a home that you always love to come back to! by Christine Tse Hey Savories,  Are you free tomorrow Tuesday December 15, at 7PM EST?  I'm hosting a live webinar were I'll be spilling my 3 insider secrets that will show you how to work with color, fabrics, and create your happy home that you always love to come back to!    I wil be showing you step by step on how to: Select colors with confidence Mix and match fabrics with authority And how to arrange your furniture to maximize your space to fit... 110589 2015-12-14T15:35:43Z Re: Sales + Savor by Carolyn Herfurth Hey Savories, If you run a service business and wish you did a better job when it comes to articulating your value to confidently close more business, keep reading! I'm hosting a free half-day sales training workshop next Tuesday, December 8 and you're invited. It's held at a comedy club which makes it extra fun :)  The training runs from 1-4. Then happy hour at 4. And the Savor holiday party is right after that. Over two-thirds of the seats ha... 110161 (Carolyn Herfurth) 2015-12-01T04:07:25Z Re: Education grant program from Tory Burch Foundation by Edyne Plancy This information may be of interest to you... Pass it on!  Their is a new Tory Burch Foundation Fellows program. It was announced yesterday.                                                                                                   &nbsp... 109805 2015-11-19T16:51:53Z Re: Get the attention you deserve and end 2015 with bang! | Black Friday Specials by Yunche Wilson When I started the Claim My Fame division I had no idea we would have so much success right out the gate. In the last 90 days we have: Made THREE #1 best selling books  Placed 5 people in USA Today  Helped 4 companies get national exposure through HUNDREDS of major media affiliate networks And let me tell you, those companies are reaping the benefits of this level of exposure. See authority marketing is all about positioning. Putting you in p... 109780 (Yunche Wilson) 2015-11-17T20:51:48Z Re: Want to solve all your business challenges with DIVINE GUIDANCE?!!! by Patty Lennon You are guided by a Universal force that supports you every step of your journey.  But you must learn to flow with that force, not resist it, in order to experience abundance and ease.   This Thursday, October 29th, at 1:30pm EDT I'm offering a LIVE Webinar Training on how to truly hear and take action on the Divine Guidance that wants to make your life + business so much easier! If you've been stuck in that start-stop loop that has kept you fr... 108967 (Patty Lennon) 2015-10-24T12:04:16Z Re: "Enough!" P.O.W.E.R. Summit on Sunday, October 25th. Clear Obstacles and Claim your Worth! by Carrie Rattle Stuck? At Crossroads? Want to advance but don't know where to start? Join us at "Enough!" P.O.W.E.R. Summit on October 25 in Stirling, NJ.  Learn powerful solutions to break down the obstacles. Master money with behavior change, learn to love your body image to project a powerful brand, and experience practical meditation techniques to clear the clutter. You are already Enough!. 108507 (Carrie Rattle) 2015-10-07T13:32:23Z Re: Join the #StylePower Challenge to take the first step in creating your CEO Style! by Catherine Cassidy If YOU are a woman on a mission, a leader or a rising star, this is for you. If YOU are a woman going through ANY kind of life or career transition, this is for you. If YOU are a woman who opens her closet and can't understand how you have so many clothes, yet NOTHING to wear ... this is for YOU. What does this take from you? Watching one 8-minute training video SHOWING UP and sharing your #StylePower via social media Perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone ... 108457 2015-10-05T18:33:01Z Re: Do you want to live an AWESOME Life! by Patti Green Hello Savories! My team and I are offering a FREE 4-part Teleseminar: 16 tips to create your AWESOME life! Let me and my AWESOME team motivate and inspire you as they share simple steps that you can take to live a more authentic and fulfilled life! My nationally recognized team will cover the elements that can positively or negatively impact your life! We cover topics that include: • health & wellness • creativity + vision • career • co... 107655 2015-09-09T20:16:26Z