Savor Book Club - Savor the Success Cafe 2015-02-25T13:03:07Z (Kate Schell) en Re: Book Reading--(Developing the One Woman Show) by Antonia Hinman 45 Coffee Dates In search of my soul-mate through cyberspace and beyond!   When:   March 5th, 2015 (Thursday) 7:00-8:30pm  Where: 400 West 43rd Street NYC 10036 2nd Floor The Ellington Room  What:   Casual Reading of a humorous memoire.  FREE!  Why:    I'm developing the characters and deciding which excerpts work for upcoming show  We will have feedback forms for you to fill out and refresh... 100852 2015-02-25T13:03:07Z Re: *JULY* Books of the Month by Natalie Mitchell SO happy to have found this book - cannot thank you enough for the recommendation.  After years of putting all the profits straight back into my business, I am now enjoying a growing profit account AND extra money in my personal account.  And amazingly my business is still functioning just fine!  100232 (Natalie Mitchell) 2015-02-10T21:30:25Z Re: *JULY* Books of the Month by Donna Leyens Hi Ladies, For some reason, I am receiving everyone's comments in my inbox, but I can't see them in this forum. I don't know why...... But to respond to those who's accountants and bookkeepers on not on board with Profit First, Mike has set up a company called Profit First Professionals, where he trains and certifies accountants and bookkeepers in the Profit First System. They can connect you with a professional who knows Profit First if you're interested. Or you can... 90651 (Donna Leyens) 2014-07-21T13:53:52Z Re: !!! Upcoming Events !!! by Gay Edelman Let's share our book tour stuff and other events, shall we? Please comment and tag your buddies. And of course share your own upcoming book dos. Here are mine so far: Book Signing and Informal Q&A July 12, 2014 Cirius Fitness Route 35 South, Middletown, NJ 9am to 11am For The Hungry Ghost: How I Ditched 100 Pounds and Came Fully Alive Face-to-Face Monthly Writing Group Forming Third Saturdays starting September 20 10am to 12noon Guided imageries, freewrites,... 90165 (Gay Edelman) 2014-07-11T19:09:52Z Re: *JULY* Books of the Month by Elisha Lowe RN, BSN, MBA This is awesome. I'm reading Profit First now and was just sharing with 2 savor members I met up with in Philly. My goal is to start implementing some of the practices this month. Anyone else reading this? Your thoughts? Happy Independence Day! Elisha Lowe, RN BSN MBA Managing Director Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Services, LLC 1 International Plaza, Suite 550 | Philadelphia, PA 19113 Phone: (877)-526-3454 ext 101| Email: Learn more at: www.surgicalafter... 89853 2014-07-04T15:01:19Z Re: *JULY* Books of the Month by Gay Edelman Another thought: This cafe has HUGE potential to bring another important resource to one another. Let's spread the word--comment and tag your buds and we'll develop this. I imagine we can even get into discussing books. How about this? I'm happy to be present, say once a week, to come in and answer questions about my book, graciously mentioned here, about my 100 pound weight loss 20 years ago. If you have read the book, or are thinking of it, and would like me to do that, ... 89852 (Gay Edelman) 2014-07-04T14:34:09Z Re: *JULY* Books of the Month by Savor Community Leader PROFIT FIRST by Mike Michalowicz You are about to discover the profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting plug-in that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, author of The Pumpkin Plan & The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, trapping entrepreneurs in the panic-driven cycle of operating check-to-check and reveals why this new metho... 89768 2014-07-02T23:22:10Z Re: Savor Book Club - Rules of the Road by Savor Community Leader Welcome to the Savor Book Club! If you are looking for a great book to read you've come to the perfect spot! Each month we will feature our Pick of the Month books for your reading pleasure :) FOR READERS: Writing a book is a tough gig :) This is a forum to support and encourage our featured authors. If you DO NOT enjoy a book please feel free to leave constructive feedback for the author here. If you DO enjoy a book please show your support by posting a positve review on Amazon ... 89767 2014-07-02T23:03:12Z