Angela Jia Kim, Ella, Marc Stedman

Angela Jia Kim and Marc Stedman Co-Founders of Savor the Success (with their dog, Ella Fitzgerald)


I started Savor the Success with my husband, Marc (the brains behind the site), because as a business woman, I was craving a way to grow my business and make meaningful connections in a structured, organized way.

I do not have an MBA, nor do I have a business background. Like many women, I followed my bliss and found myself building a business that I loved. I needed some real nuts-and-bolts guidance-- from launching to making millions.


As a concert pianist by trade, I often had the daunting task of memorizing hundreds of pages of music and performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people.

The process that I developed—getting from the practice room to the concert stage—served me well as I built Om Aroma & Co., the luxury organic spa and skincare company, that I founded in 2007.

From creating the cream formulas to landing dream accounts in five-star luxury resorts and spas in a very short period of time, I used the same building techniques that I had developed as a concert pianist.

People began to notice and started asking how I was able to build a brand new skincare company while going on an intense 40-concert tour across the United States.

I don’t come from a lot of money and I don’t have amazing connections. Women were responding to the fact that I am an ordinary person climbing the ladder step by step with the process that I have created for myself. 

I began leading workshops since I was passionate about helping women to bring their projects to life and sharing my knowledge of how to get to the next level.

I take at least ten steps a day to reach my goals. Others take ten a month. Some take ten a year. What do you do? It’s all about how you play your game. Are you ready for serious movement in your life?

This isn’t for the dreamer—it’s for the doer.

The question is: Are you ready to Savor the Success?

Angela Jia Kim - Co-Founder

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