• Savor Marketing Academy
  • Part 5 Bonus - Offers and Promotions Bonus Video

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    In this bonus video, you will learn about the most effective marketing methodology you can use in your business and how to make the most of new prospects in your business.

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  • Part 4 - The Keys to Successful Offers and Promotions

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    If you aren’t making offers in your business, you are missing opportunities to reach more customers and create more income. Businesses that succeed consistently make offers… but what elements will make those offers work?

    In this video find out:

    • What types of offers and marketing will get the best results
    • How to know if your offers and promotions work
    • Where and how to promote your offers
    • How to know if you are spending to much to get new customers into your business

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  • Part 3 - 3 Steps to Your Marketing Foundation

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    Without this foundation your marketing efforts could fall completely flat.

    In this video you will discover:

    • The most important pieces you need to lay a successful marketing foundation
    • What you need to know about your target prospects
    • How you can grab your prospects attention
    • How to figure out where you should be marketing

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  • Part 2 - Online Marketing: What Works

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    Have you been trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for online marketing?

    In this video you will learn:

    • 3 areas of online marketing that work
    • Basics of what you need to do to make them work
    • How to find out what your prospects want from you online
    • The key to attracting prospects online

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  • Part 1 - The difference between PR, Marketing and Sales.

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    If you are unclear about the differences between the different aspects of PR, marketing and sales, rest assured that you are not alone… However, not understanding it can hinder your ability to create success in your business.

    As you watch you will learn:

    • The difference between PR, Marketing and Sales
    • Why marketing is essential to your success
    • How much time to spend on marketing (or to work toward spending…)
    • What happens if you 'outsource' your marketing and look the other way
    • 4 Keys to marketing success

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