I have two established companies and one in progress: 1. I have a Blessed and Favored Publishing Company that I've used to published all 3 of my books and looking to expand by publishing others authors. 2. I have a Blessed and Favored Productions, LLC company which produces faith based stage plays, events, comedy shows and webseries. Right now, I have my first play, which I wrote and produced, The Virgin Mary Monologues. It's performed throughout New Jersey. 3. I"m in the process of starting another company, Kingdom Graphics and Printing. I just got my degree in Computer Arts aka graphic design. Initially, I went back to college to be my own graphic designer because I couldn't...
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  • Fundraiser: The Virgin Mary Monologues Stage Play [more]
  • Self-Publishing Consultant [more]
  • Book: The F.A.T. Factor: Using your seed to ge... [more]

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