Andrea Richards Scott

ARS Professional Development - Chief Empowerment Officer
Silver Spring, MD
  • Seminars and Training

    ARS Professional Development provides training and consulting services to government agencies, corporations, non-profits and community organizations as well as adult learning centers.

    Please review our online catalog for listings of our current workshops. In addition, we can customize a program to fit your needs.

  • Professional Speaking

    Andrea is a keynote speaker, seminar leader and trainer. Her inspirational messages of hope and restoration help individuals take action to live a more rewarding life, breakdown walls and remove barriers to their success.

  • Coaching

    ARS Professional Development provides coaching services to independent individuals as well as individuals and groups in government agencies and corporations.

    We specialize in business coaching, career transition coaching and work/life balance coaching.

  • Work/Life Balance Coaching

    ARS Professional Development helps indivduals regain balance by helping them structure a plan to get the most out of their personal and professional lives. Our services are geared to busy clients who need assistance with stress management, organization/clutter control and time management.

  • Career Transition Coaching

    ARS Professional Development coaches job seekers and career changers in putting together a career transition plan. Now more than ever before, you need to have a strategy if you are currently unemployed, under-employed or simply looking to move from your current position. Career transition coaching will help you discover your dream career. In addition, you'll utilize systematic planning to update your resume, build excellent interview skills and develop strategies to meet your goals.

  • Business Life Cycle Coaching

    ARS Professional Development coaches business owners in each stage of the business life cycle. Our services are geared to clients who need assistance navigating each stage while maintaining focus on key issues.

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