Angelique Rewers

The Corporate Agent - CEO
Cockeysville, MD
  • How to Nab Large Corporate Clients

    Grow Your Small Business by Working with BIG Business.

    Are you ready to finally take your small or solopreneur business into SIX FIGURES and beyond? If you're focusing on selling your services primarily to individuals, such as other solopreneurs or consumers in general, then you already know reaching that six-figure (or more) goal takes a lot of work. But there is another market that many of today's "conscious" entrepreneurs are overlooking: Corporate America.

    The truth is, not only do Big Companies spend BIG Money with small business, but working with them can be fun, rewarding and simple to do. Watch our video to learn just how big of an opportunity it is — and how you can start to tap into this lucrative market today.

  • Business Coaching

  • PR, Marketing & Creative Consulting

  • Copywriting, public relations, editing

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