Ann Bingley Gallops is the owner of Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City and a Feng Shui expert. Ann offers private Feng Shui consultations for the home or office, helping clients create a welcoming home and achieve their personal and professional goals by balancing the elements in their spaces. Her services include long-distance consultations, space-clearing and blessing ceremonies, and Feng Shui design services. As a Feng Shui expert, Ann offers a modern practical approach to the ancient art of Feng Shui by combining classical “form school” Feng Shui with traditional spiritual customs. She leads seminars and workshops for corporate groups, professional associations, and co...
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  • Private Feng Shui Consultations for Your Home [more]
  • Corporate Feng Shui for Office Spaces, Retail S... [more]
  • Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies [more]

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