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Anna Brindley Suitable Pajamas - Founder and Designer
Dallas, TX

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How to Create Luck

This week I vlog about my theory on success and how to create "luck". I use this daily in my life, and you can start right now, too (costs nothing). You will be very surprised by the results you get! Speaking of "luck", Savor membe...

By Savor the Success Founders - Added to favorites on September 25, 2010

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Is your business missing its Social CEO (Y-O-U)?

I recently asked my Facebook fans and friends if their Social Persona was selling themselves and their businesses short.I heard from so many of you that said, Yes, your Social Persona IS selling you and your business short.In short, many of you ha...

By Lisa Steadman - Added to favorites on September 4, 2010

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Never Assume Anything

You know what will save you a headache in business (and probably in personal life as well)? Don't assume anything. Watch my lesson learned in this week's vlog.

By Savor the Success Founders - Added to favorites on December 9, 2009

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My Re-Packaging Mistake

So what do you if you have spent thousands of dollars on a business decision only to realize that it is not the right path? Do you continue on or do you back up and start from ground zero again? Watch as I weigh out my dilemma.

By Savor the Success Founders - Added to favorites on September 23, 2009

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What is your wow word?

So what's your "Fancy Nancy" word? The one wow word you use to describe your business? Do you fumble with your pitch? I'm well a ________. I create_________. Well, what I really do is_____________. Who are you really? Really, who are you? Wha...

By Gwendolyn Gardner - Added to favorites on August 20, 2009

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