Annette Frey is the founder and Chief Canine Confectioner of Biscuits by Lambchop and Doggie Lifestyle and Wellness Expert. Whether rewarding good behavior or teaching our dog new tricks, treats are a staple in every pet owner’s household. But what happens if your dog is allergic to every treat on the market, leaving you with no edible reward options? Annette thought she was out of luck after her dog Lambchop developed a myriad of medical issues, including kidney disease and food allergies, and was placed on strict dietary guidelines. With nothing to reward him but a “good boy” and a pat on the head, she knew she had to do more. With a background in physical therapy, assess...
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  • Choppers -- Banana with coconut & vanilla [more]
  • Starlets -- Apple with cinnamon & honey [more]
  • Doggie Lifestyle & Special Needs Expert [more]

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