I have been an independant since birth. But have found that helping people to reach thier goals is my passion. I own 3 businesses, and have been an only parent for 12 years, and my son is proirity #1! My first, and longest running business is a small hair salon, which I have owned for 3 years. My second is Landscape Design, which I have run for the last 2 years, and enjoy thoroughly. And my third business is all about Health, wellness and the invironment, in which I help people reach their financial, personal and physical goals.

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  • Health and Wellness Products (non-toxic) [more]
  • Landscape Design [more]

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  • Beauty
  • Computer Networking
  • Consumer Products
  • Cosmetics & Skincare
  • Design
  • Eco-Friendly Products & Services
  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Security & Investigations

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