Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you how much I love inspiring self-trust in women. Whether you call it my passion, my brilliance or my obsession – you’re right. Having consulted in the launch of over 100 businesses and the growth of thousands more, I offer a rare combination of insight, strategy and heart to identify a strategic business model that multiplies my clients’ growth. Celebrating the client who makes her first sale for a newly created offer holds the same meaning for me as the entrepreneur who adds an extra $50,000 to her sales in 23 days. Or the woman who’s able to pay for her husband’s med school tutoring with profit from her business. They’...
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  • Evolve - An Accelerator for Service Entrepreneurs [more]
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The Real Reason You're Not Earning a Reliable Income

Ready to get off the money roller coaster? I'll share... * The single thing that has you starting from scratch every month and never knowing how much money you’ll make *Why you feel bewildered and disappointed (& probably thought a lot more people would be clamoring to work with you) * And more!

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