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  • Your part time business has been successful beyond expectation and you’ve decided to expand. Before you do anything else you will need to determine the type of business model you are going to follow. Are you a sole proprietor, a limited liability, or are you planning to establish a corporation? The model you choose will influence the type of paperwork that you’ll need. You will then have to file the appropriate documents, licenses, permits, and insurance forms through various, often overlapping, governmental agencies.


    First you will need to decide on the type of business you’ll be organizing. This will determine the exact forms required to register your company at your district or state level.  LegalVision has some really cool options for getting the documents customized easily, especially when you’re just getting started. Proprietorships are required to file a ‘doing business as’ (DBA) form with a county or district clerk. A partnership may also need to file a [...]

  • Thousands of new internet businesses go live every day and, sadly, most are unsuccessful. So how do you improve your odds? There is an old adage for land based companies… simply put, ‘location, location, location’. The same applies on the internet except change ‘location’ to ‘information, information, information’. With this in mind, as a professional business woman, you won’t want to set up a site until you have completed a few basic steps and developed a comprehensive plan.

    A Business Strategy

    Before spending too much of your budget, you will want to expand on the concept. Most importantly, you will want to be clear about what you are selling, who your competition is, and what your user-interface will look like. You will also want to select a company name and logo, and it wouldn’t hurt to secure a brand domain-name.

    An Ecommerce Site

    If you are interested in building an eCommerce site, you will probably want to include a cart for shoppers. It is strongly recommended [...]

  • Setting up a new business can be an imposing task. There are a huge number of items to consider. One of the most pressing issues is usually securing finance to actually run the business. This can be easier said than done, with those prepared to grant a loan keen to see the money repaid quickly and efficiently.

    As a result, your business partner’s credit score is very relevant. Because no new business has a credit history, any lender is likely to look straight away into the private credit history of the business owners. In addition, you may well find that as a new business with little or no existing reputation, that potential clients, suppliers or sub-contractors are also inclined to ask for your credit history, too.  So, if you don’t have a clear idea of your business partner’s credit score, make sure you find out. This can be a delicate process, but you can contact companies such as Experian Credit Expert to help your partner provide full and clear credit details. If your par [...]

  • Buoyed by technological advancement, telecommuting is becoming an increasingly popular option for many workers, which is also easy than ever to implement. While there have been notable examples of an anti-telecommuting attitude (Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer), working from home is championed by many as helping the work/life balance and promoting productivity; and studies have shown it to be so. But how can you build, and manage, a successful remote workforce today? Check out these five essential tips.

    Embrace Technology

    If you’re going to build a successful remote workforce, you’ll need to move beyond email docs to each other and sending texts. Using project management software such as Basecamp will help assign workloads and keep track of progress, and you can set up email notifications for when tasks are completed. Skype will help you communicate instantly for free as well as video call or if you’re a Mac user FaceTime allows you make calls that little more personal for no charge. [...]

  • If you use your home as your business base then there may be many ways that your business will affect your mortgage. This could be anything from how having employees in your home affects your mortgage, through to what happens to getting the loan in the first place. Even though it is definitely cheaper to run your business from your home, there are many finer points that need to be covered so that you can make sure you are 100% up to date with your loan requirements.

    How does it affect your Mortgage?

    Well the first thing to do is to let your lender know that you are running your business from home. It is at your home owner loan lender’s discretion as to whether this directly affects your loan or not, but you may find in some cases that it does affect it. If this is the case then there are some options available to you and most of this will come down to the type of business you are running. Contact your provider, such as 1300 Home Loan and see what your options are.

    For ex [...]

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