Christi Smith Scofield

PFF Entertainment - President & Founder
New York, NY
  • Apparel - Sexy Slang

    The Sexy Slang apparel line is focused on creating fun and flirty designs that play on the popular terms from the Sexy Slang board games. The line includes t-shirts for men and women as well as toddler tees and baby onsies. An underwear and pajama line is also in development. The apparel designs range from super sweet like "love muffin" and "chick magnet" to the more adventurous, "well hung." The t-shirts are currently for sale nationwide in Walmart stores, Kohl’s Department stores, Rue21 (780 store chain) and a variety of smaller retailers including theme parks and even US Navy exchanges. Custom designed Sexy Slang t-shirts are available through and most designs are available on Sexy Slang's website

  • Board Games - Sexy Slang

    Think of it as a mixture of Charades and Pictionary but with 500 hilariously naughty terms! If you are looking for board games for adults that will break the ice, then Sexy Slang is perfect for you! Nothing gets the conversation started faster than watching your friends trying to draw terms like "manscaping" or act out "heavy breather"! Just wait until you see the big guy tackle the charades card "brazilian bikini wax"!

  • iPhone Games - Sexy Slang's Bachelorette Challenge

    Looking for creative bachelorette party ideas? This sexy iPhone app is the perfect bachelorette party game for a hilarious, flirty, fun and cocktail-infused night out on the town. How many other Bachelorette party games can give you a whole night of fun for only .99 cents?

  • Board Games - Naughty Charades

    Sexy Slang's Naughty Charades is the smaller "charades only" version of the Sexy Slang adult party game. Naughty Charades plays just like regular Charades but contains Sexy Slang terms. If you a looking for fun adult party ideas, then check out Naughty Charades. It's the perfect game to pop in your bag and bring to a friend's birthday party or dinner party. With 300 hilarious Sexy Charades terms, Sexy Slang's Naughty Charades is sure to get the party started!

  • iPhone Games - Sexy Slang's Naughty & Nice Charades

    Plays just like the Naughty Charades adult party game but now available as a sexy iPhone app! Looking for last minute adult party ideas? Just click on the app store search for Sexy Slang and download. At only $1.99 it's a hilarious and inexpensive way to get the party started!

  • Board Games - Sexy Slang's Sex Position Darts Game

    This hilariously naughty darts game includes a full size dart board featuring 20 sexy positions in the place of numbers for a fun and sexy twist on traditional darts.
    If you are looking for a fun or sexy gift, especially for a darts fan than Sexy Slang's Sex Position Darts is sure to please. The dart board also features numbers for traditional darts play. It's a great game for couples and groups and is sure to make everyone laugh!

  • Sexy Slang Accessories

    From iPhone Skins to Guitar Straps, bags etc. Sexy Slang designs are available on a variety of products. See our website for more detail.

  • Posters - Sexy Slang

    Sexy Slang designs are now available on Posters. It's a great way to liven up a dorm room or a rec room.

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