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Brooklyn, NY
  • Sometimes You Need to Slow Down Before You (re)StartUP

    March 10, 2016

    I've been encouraged by the recent focus on the mental health aspects of being an entrepreneur, particularly as a certified stress management coach and well-being consultant.

    As I've mentioned before, unresolved chronic stress can lead to serious physical conditions, including: digestive problems (ME!), fertility problems, urinary problems, and a weakened immune system.

    People with chronic stress also are more prone to anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and even depression. It's a given that stress is part of the Founder Hustle. Yet, we often feel the need to hide our stress and anxiety from others in order to appear in control, on point -- like we're crushing it! This pressure can take its toll on our health.

    You may have noticed that I've changed the branding on this blog: Slow Down to StartUP.

    It's based on my personal experiences as a founder, and the stress management work I've done with other leaders. It's been important to acknowledge that, along my journey, I've had to "slow down" [...]

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  • Learn Why InStep Consulting is Best FOR New York City

    January 13, 2016

    Slowing Down to Start Up with InStep Consulting

    This article features an interview with me about my reasons to participate in the Best for NYC Challenge sponsored by NYCEDC. Best for NYC is a citywide campaign to inspire and equip local businesses to measure and improve practices to strengthen their bottom-line and improve quality of life for all New Yorkers.

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  • How to Build Partnerships That Last

    November 30, 2015

    If your nonprofit or social impact organization is considering working with potential partners, keep in mind that partnership opportunities can range from cooperation or collaboration through full integration or merger. It’s important that you and your Board first clarify your rationale for seeking out partnering organizations. By doing so, you will help to ensure greater strategic alignment with any organization you choose to approach.

    Once you’ve determined your reasoning to establish a partnership with another organization, it’s important to fully engage your partner – create explicit opportunities for both organizations to contribute to development of ideas and solutions, and participate in decision-making processes. Moreover, realize that building partnerships can take time. It would not be unusual for you to call and exchange information for months before a new partnership yields tangible results, such as funding for a joint project.

    The most successful and long-term [...]

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  • How to Communicate for Impact: Share Your Ideas & Be Understood

    November 17, 2015

    In communication, many disagreements are caused by different perceptions that created different realities. It can be very frustrating thinking that you have said or done the “right thing” only to find that the person you’re communicating with doesn't see it in the same way. The good news is that when you know your own priorities, and recognize the other person’s priorities, you can reduce miscommunication and develop more productive relationships.

    Everyone has a dominant priority system and communication style – behaviors that we’re more comfortable with, and use most frequently. People tend to prioritize their world based on a combination of four primary priority systems (or priosys®):

    1. Process-Oriented
    2. Results-Oriented
    3. Relationship-Oriented
    4. Recognition-Oriented

    Once you understand these perspectives, it becomes much easier to recognize the associated behaviors in other people. To build rapport and facilitate better communication, you can flex your communicatio [...]

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  • Flip Your Script: Reset Your Mindset w/Gratitude [Radio Interview]

    November 3, 2015

    It's been said that your mindset is like the steering wheel of your life. In which direction is your mindset taking you? Is it where you want to go? You can learn how to be more mindful and take on an Attitude of Gratitude to be more resilient in response to life’s ups and downs.

    During today's interview by Bernadette Boas with Shedding the B**ch Radio, I presented my top strategies to help you:

    • Bounce back after a breakdown and get your mindset back on track so you are open to pursue new opportunities
    • Apply gratitude principles to lessen your negative “self-talk”
    • Use mindfulness techniques to counteract your limiting beliefs

    I also shared my thoughts on how giving back / paying it forward can help you create an abundance mindset. 

    Listen to the podcast and let me know how YOU will adopt an Attitude of Gratitude in November -- this month of Thanksgiving.
    Flip Your Script: Reset Your Mindset w/ Gratitude w/ Colette Ellis 11/03 by Bernadette Boas | Self Help Podcasts

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  • How Did I Begin My Eco-Transformation Journey?

    September 8, 2015

    Since we launched the Foraging for Wellness guided nature walks in Prospect Park, I've been feeling an urge to share my motivation for launching this new aspect of my work. The story is part personal and part professional -- as has been most of my journey in the wellness arena.

    I began telling the story of my eco-transformation by recording some thoughts about my experiences this past year -- the audio of which I just released on my iTunes podcast channelThe Eco-Transformation of a Coach. This is Part 1 of my story -- composting made easy.

    My transformation from a focus on personal wellness to a greater awareness around Sustainability of the planet and Green Living began (now) about nine months ago when I met Tim. We started to have conversations (OK, sometimes heated discussions) about why wasn't it OK for me to just throw certain plastic wrappers in the garbage. Or, he would come behind me and take [...]

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  • 9 Beautiful Reasons Why Coconut Oil Belongs in Your Medicine Cabinet—And A Free Jar!

    September 2, 2015

    When it comes to beauty products, many of us will shell out big bucks for a magic concoction of mystery ingredients—as long as it promises clear skin or voluminous hair. But, often, the natural option really is the best. Take coconut oil, for example. This one-ingredient beauty product is so versatile that it could give your moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm, and makeup remover a run for their money.

    Why is coconut oil better than the typical drugstore lotion? For one thing, it’s not water-based. Most commercial beauty products contain tons of water, and as soon as it evaporates, they stop moisturizing your skin. Not coconut oil—this beauty product is 100-percent moisturizing.

    Plus, coconut oil is naturally free of silicone, parabens, fragrances and dyes, and other artificial chemicals that can be harsh on your skin and damaging to your health. The slightly sweet, tropical smell is an added bonus! I love using coconut oil as my all-over moisturizer and have seen positive imp [...]

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  • How to Be Fabulously Fit & Healthy [Radio Interview]

    August 5, 2015

    Tune in to hear my recent interview by Renee Wiggins, Registered Dietitian and founder of Results by Renee. Her radio show is called Being Fabulously Fit in God's Kingdom.

    We had a very insightful conversation about nutrition, fitness, stress management, and mindfulness. Let me know after you listen what you think about the show. And, share your best tips for how you maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle.

    Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Being FabulouslyXinXGodsXKingdom on BlogTalkRadio

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  • Slow Down to Speed Up: Sustainable Living Talk at Green Festival

    June 10, 2015

    While we're working on editing the video, here's a peek at the slides from my Slow Down to Speed Up! talk on Slideshare from the Green Festival Expo in DC. It was exciting to be speaking about the intersection of wellness and sustainability on three levels: personal, collective, and environmental.

    And, here's a very brief (unedited) video clip from the Q&A portion after my presentation -- graciously shared by one of the participants.

    The full talk was filmed, and we're working on editing the video for you to view -- coming soon! I wanted to share this info now so you have some sense of what a fantastic experience it was to participate in the event.

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  • Maybe It Is Easy Being Green - Get Tips June 7

    June 1, 2015

    Do You Have Trouble Staying Healthy?

    Even if you’re constantly on the go, working long hours, or are extremely busy it IS possible to make healthy (and green!) lifestyle changes when you have the right tools and support. Learn how to adopt proven healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle techniques. Plus, receive motivational guidance to help you ditch your stress and anxiety for lasting results.

    Join me at the DC Green Festival Expo for my talk Slow Down to Speed Up! Sustainable Living in a 2.0 World from the Main Stage on Sunday, June 7 at 11:30 am.

    Meet the Experts & Learn Sustainable Living Secrets

    Green Festival Expo is an excellent opportunity to discover new, practical and easy ways to live healthier, more sustainable lives with thousands of products offered by new brands, national and local businesses and pioneering thinkers in the sustainability field. 

    We've got a great speaker lineup at the DC Green Festival --- articulate, powerful advocates for a just and sustainable wor [...]

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  • NEW PODCAST: Transform Your Life With One Call--to a Life Coach

    April 16, 2015

    Feeling a little frustrated, overwhelmed or stuck? Did you have the BEST intentions at the start of 2015  ... for your career? For your relationship? For your health? For your finances? And, then, LIFE happened! Maybe things have turned out differently than you had hoped, so far. Guess what? That's OK!

    Did you know that working with a coach can be the difference between a catastrophe and your comeback! That's what happened to Lee Nazal, best-selling author and founder of SociaVerse Publishing.

    Coach Colette is Your Coach for Today's New Normal

    Tune in for my interview on iTunes to learn how Lee transformed from being unemployed with only a part-time newspaper delivery job to pay the bills, to becoming an online marketing expert who has generated millions of dollars in revenue for his consulting clients. Also, learn more about our NEW book: Transform Your Life with One Call: America's Top Life Coaches Reveal What You Need to Know.

    Tune into the podcast and let me know what you learned. Comment below or tweet me on Twitter -- so we ca [...]

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  • How Co-Founder or Team Conflict Isn't as Bad as You Think

    February 10, 2015

    How often have you put your best foot forward only to have it stomped on by someone?

    There you are, every day, with so many people making demands on you:

    • Team members looking to you for answers you aren't always sure of
    • Clients thinking only of what they want and not of you really at all
    • Founders or senior leaders challenging you with increasingly demanding expectations
    Then, there is everyone else, who needs something -- usually sooner than you are able to easily provide it. And, there you are S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E-D in the middle, being pressed on all sides…

    It can be very frustrating thinking that you have said or done the right thing only to find that the other person doesn't see it that way. When the other person doesn't respond in the same way as you would, it's irritating and can cause lots of anxiety. And, this anxiety can affect your ability to be most effective at what you're creating.

    It leads us to one overriding fact … work relationships are confusing! [Don't even get me start [...]

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  • Here's the Problem with New Year's Resolutions

    January 30, 2015

    According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, of the people who typically make New Year's Resolutions, 64% are successful in maintaining those resolutions beyond one month. How's it going for YOU? To increase your odds of achieving what you want this year, I'd like to suggest elevating your perspective to define an overall Vision for 2015. It's important to have a compelling vision, for you personally as well as for your business or organization. That way, when life and work demands pull you in multiple directions, you keep perspective.

    Here are four steps to define your 2015 Vision:

    1. Get Prepared for a Fresh Start in 2015
    Consider any setbacks or disappointments from last year that you need to let go of in order to begin anew. Can you forgive yourself, and forgive any other people who may have been involved? Bringing old resentments into the new year can stop you from spotting new opportunities because your lens is being clouded by your previous experiences. You can learn from [...]

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  • NEW PODCAST: Goal Setting Tips for Leaders in 2015

    January 8, 2015

    Happy New Year! Hope that 2015 is off to a great start for you. To help you hit the ground running, I'm excited to share this podcast from my recent appearance on the Gfem Talk Show.

    In my lively chat with show host Femi, I shared some tips and insights on how to connect your 2015 goals with your larger WHY and true intentions. We also discussed how best to communicate your vision and true intentions with the important people in your world -- personal and professional -- in an effort to avoid mis-communication and conflict throughout the year.

    Tune into the podcast and let me know what you learned. Also, feel free to share what are your 2015 intentions -- comment below or tweet me on Twitter -- so we can keep each other on track!

    Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with GFEM RADIO on BlogTalkRadio

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  • Focus on Your Vision in 2015 - Get Started on Jan 8

    December 18, 2014

    What would it mean to focus like a laser on your vision for 2015? How much more would you accomplish with that level of attention and motivation?

    The New Year is the PERFECT time for you to evaluate your priorities and refresh your game plan – for your business and your life. Now is the time to define your vision for 2015 so you can be less overwhelmed by life's distractions, and less likely to quit when obstacles come your way.

    In my upcoming Breakout Session on Thursday, January 8, I'll be sharing some easy ideas to help you get started! It’s based on my eBook Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams – a simple process to help you evaluate your priorities and manifest even your wildest dreams.

    As a preview, my Four Steps to Focus on Your Vision for 2015 are:
    1. Clear Your Lens
    2. Reveal Your True Intentions
    3. Watch Out for Blind Spots
    4. Envision Your Future Results

    This Breakout Session is for leaders who are ready to take action to tu [...]

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  • 5 Unexpected Tips to Beat Your Holiday Stress

    November 25, 2014

    'Tis the season to be jolly. If you're seeking ideas on how to ease into the holiday season and lessen your stress, read on for 5 Unexpected Tips to Beat Your Holiday Stress!

    1. Recognize your holiday stress triggers: A stress trigger is an incident that causes either a negative physical (e.g., headache, cold, or pain) or emotional response (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, or sadness). The holiday challenge is that stress triggers can be associated with family and personal relationships, or finances. What are your holiday triggers? A dreaded encounter or perhaps the absence of a loved one? Concerns about your holiday shopping list or travel? Becoming aware is your first step to lessening your stress.
    2. Be willing to let go of past resentments: Once you've identified your triggers, consider viewing them from a NEW perspective. If you're already dreading an encounter, try imagining that your experience will NOT be negative.  Set an intention to approach the person with a positive outlook, and no [...]

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  • Vote by FRIDAY to Help a Woman Business Owner

    October 14, 2014

    You've got to be in it to win it! And, I am -- now I need YOUR vote!

    Perhaps you've heard of the Chase Mission Main Street Grants for Small Business? The program will award up to 20 grants of $150,000 to help small business owners to grow their businesses.

    Now, through FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, small business owners who have been in business for at least two years and have less than 100 employees can submit an application. InStep Consulting has applied, and I'd love to have your VOTE of support!

    What Would a $150K Grant Mean to InStep? 
    2014 is a milestone year -- I've been in business for 10 years! It's definitely been a roller-coaster ride that I couldn't imagine doing any other way. 
    Now, it's time to think about the next 10 years. I do know they will be different -- because the business landscape has changed dramatically just in the past few years.
    This grant would help me to do some of the strategic planning and sustainability consulting work that I offer to clients on my own business [...]

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  • Rise & Shine: A NEW Cup of Joe to Improve Your Health

    September 12, 2014

    Do you love coffee? DID YOU KNOW? About 90% of the naturally occurring antioxidants in regular coffee are destroyed during the roasting process—so they never even reach your cup. No worries, because there's a NEW coffee from Zrii called RISE™  that retains those antioxidants.

    Back in 2006, when I was dealing with my chronic indigestion / acid reflux, I stopped drinking coffee to avoid anything that could upset my stomach. Little did I know that I was losing out on so many health benefits of coffee including: reduced risk of Alzheimer's or dementia, oral cancers, and stroke!

    If you love your coffee like me, and want to get healthy too, this is the cup for you. Zrii RISE™ has green coffee bean extract from beans that haven't been roasted to preserve powerful antioxidant benefits and still give a boost. Green coffee antioxidants counteract the damage caused by free radicals (including aging of the body’s cells).

    Zrii RISE™ also has the unique super-fruit Amalaki that enhances [...]

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  • What Will Medicine Look Like in 10 Years? You Need to Know!

    September 2, 2014

    Medicine is Changing -- Will it Work FOR You or Against You?

    Evolving medicine means that we are learning new things and using new techniques constantly. How do you expect to stay at the forefront of your own health?

    The Evolution of Medicine Summit will shine a light on the work of more than 30 innovators leading these changes, to set a vision for a more empowered, proactive and patients-value focused healthcare system.

    Whether you're a health or wellness coach like me, or just someone who wants to be healthier, The Evolution of Medicine Summit will show you the future of healthcare. Plus, it's ONLINE and FREE from September 8-15, 2014.

    Here are a few of the incredible presenters: 
    • Deepak Chopra, MD, Best Selling Author; Ayurvedic and Mind/Body Medicine 
    • Mark Hyman, MD, Multiple Best Selling Author, Chairman of IFM 
    • "Food Babe" aka Vani Hari, Activist Blogger; Digital Innovator 
    • Joe Cross aka "Joe The Juicer" 
    • Larry Palevsky, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician
    Navigate your way through the [...]

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  • What's Your WHY?

    August 14, 2014

    So much of what we do comes down to WHY -- even if we're not consciously aware of it. The more you tap into your WHY, the closer you can get to what really matters to you. My WHY to support the American Heart Association is because I want my mom to continue living a healthy life -- and NOT be impacted by a stroke.

    My grandma died suddenly of a stroke, and it was devastating for me. Since then, my mom has changed her diet so that she can manage her blood pressure and other vital functions. As a health and life coach, I have no problem with her healthy eating and living habits. I'd just love for her once to not be so concerned about sodium in meals when we go out for special occasions. She's a real trooper -- has an inner strength that I've only just begun to really recognize. It just would be nice to take that concern off her plate, if you will.

    So, that's my WHY for creating a team for the AHA Brooklyn Heart Walk coming up on Sunday, October 5th.

    What's your WHY to join us to walk o [...]

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  • Help Women Leaders WIN in Berlin this October

    August 4, 2014

    Have you ever applied for something ... almost on a whim ... and thought "This is such a long-shot, but I'll throw my hat into the ring just for fun!"? Well, that's what happened to me with my WINConference Speakers Proposal. WIN stands for "Women's International Networking," BTW.

    I've been receiving emails about WIN's women's leadership activities (including Corporate Network, Development Fund) and conferences for a few years now. I've been inspired by their mission to help women "run companies and initiatives with noble values, and to fully live their lives with beauty and enthusiasm." WIN seeks to accelerate change by developing, empowering and connecting women leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision.

    In the back of my mind, I always had the desire to participate in a WINConference; yet I never acted upon that desire -- until recently. For some reason, THIS June, I was prompted to submit a proposal to offer my Mindset Reset for Business training as one of their worksh [...]

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  • How to Eat Healthy -- At Home or On the Road

    June 30, 2014

    Do you fall into the “eat what I can, whenever I can” category? Does your digestion suffer because of stress or poor eating habits? 

    If you answered "yes" to either one of those questions, you are not alone. Now that summer is upon us -- which brings BBQ's and other outdoor adventures -- it can be a good idea to consider your eating habits. Are you taking advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that now are in season?

    It IS possible to make healthier eating choices, even with your busy lifestyle. It just takes a little advance thinking (about WHY it's important to you) and planning (adding simple steps into your normal routine).

    These are some of the ideas that I recently shared during my appearance on Menu for Great Health – At Home or On the Road, a radio show hosted by Chef Tom Castrigno, author of the forthcoming book The Confidence Diet.

    Tune in to hear me share self help tools to balance your diet and increase your motivation to achieve your personal health vision. P [...]

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  • Find Your Inner Sanctuary: NEW Guided Meditation

    June 17, 2014

    Do you long for a sense of inner peace and stability? You can begin to transform your mental state using my NEW 10-minute guided meditation, so you can improve your relationships, achieve your goals, and be your BEST self!

    Want to know WHY I've decided to create this transformational audio series? Then, read on ...

    In 2006, when I received my certification in the Coping with Work & Family Stress program, I was given a CD with a series of guided meditations as part of our trainers' toolkit. I found listening to them to be helpful in maintaining my own meditation practice. Back then, I'd never have considered professionally recording the meditations in my own voice and style. Yet, when I would teach stress management seminars for clients or give public talks, instead of playing the pre-recorded CD, I would lead the meditations myself -- revising the content to match the audience and program focus. Often, people would approach me at the end of the sessions and remark that they found m [...]

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  • In Which Direction is Your Mindset Taking You and Your Business?

    May 12, 2014

    It's been said that your mindset is like the steering wheel of your life. In which direction is your mindset taking you? Could you use a Mindset Reset?

    What would you do if your business became unrecognizable to you in the second half of 2014?

    I'm looking for a few business leaders who are ready to work on their most important business goals like they knew they couldn't fail. Sign up for a Mindset Reset for Business Coaching Session using the button below: Eventbrite - Mindset Reset for Business With Coach Colette

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  • Get Real About Your Mental Health: Hangout on May 8

    April 28, 2014

    Do you know someone who has been affected by mental illness? Chances are, you do ... even if you're not aware of it because so many of us hide our challenges for fear of the stigma. Now, it's time to Break the Silence and Get Real About Mental Health!

    Join me on Thursday, May 8 at 1 pm ET for a Google+ HangoutLet's Get Real About Mental Illness: Pain as a Platform to Wellness. I'll be speaking with Hakeem Rahim - certified mental health educator and advocate. May is Mental Health Awareness month. Hakeem will share his story of diagnosis with mental illness, his recovery and commitment to wellness. 

    We invite you to join us for a real conversation to break the silence and shift your perspective on mental health. Learn what is mental illness, and how to seek treatment. Hear what is it like to have bipolar disorder, and how sharing one's story can inspire recovery and resilience.

    Post or tweet me your questions to be answered live on-air. Sign up to watch our Hangout today!

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