The deepest, most natural answer to "Feeling Better" is to learn how to be Better at Feeling your feelings. Happiness isn't about feeling good all the time, because that's just not possible. Life is filled with ups and downs. Happiness comes from feeling safe in all your feelings, no matter how scary or intense. This is especially true for those of us who feel things very deeply, or who have had an experience of trauma in the past. I think of myself as a healer, but I struggled for a long time not feeling like I "fit in" with the versions of healers I encountered through all my classes and training. Though I am spiritual, I didn't fit into the esoteric group, and though I do hav...
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  • Complimentary 4-Part Introductory Video Series [more]
  • "Touching Trauma: Healing Life's Deepest Wounds" [more]
  • "4 Must-Knows for your Healing Arsenal" [more]

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