With a deep understanding of how looking good makes you feel good, Corinne Phipps founded Urban Darling in 2006. A fashion consulting firm, Urban Darling was created to improve the confidence of others through innovative wardrobe advice. An expert on fashion and personal style, Corinne Phipps has a developed sense of what looks flattering on people. Corinne Phipps has helped a broad range of people fine-tune their style and improve their confidence. Corinne Phipps’ unique Closet Audit service includes an extensive closet overhaul. Working closely with each client, Corinne Phipps goes through each and every article of clothing owned by the client to decide whether or not to keep it. Afte...
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Tanya Roth, senior wardrobe stylist Stefanie Gutierrez, lead wardrobe stylist

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