Sister CEO Network is the premier hub for girls & women in business all over the world. We offer more than simply another place to network – we offer a place to really connect, contribute and grow. Our contributors are here to help support each other in our businesses and our lives. We have all heard the saying “It is not as important what you know, but WHO you know.” Well, in his book The One Minute Entrepreneur, Ken Blanchard righted this myth by asserting, “It is about WHO knows YOU and what they THINK of you.” This is most important. Because we desire to influence and assist each other and our customers/clients/members/patrons/followers, it is vital that We Establish How we ...
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Ginger Burr
Susan Newman
Melissa Turner
Namia G. Vance
Dida Clifton
Blank Blank
Alicia Vargo
Vicki Scott
Tanea Smith
Coach Denise Brimmer
Kate Sanner
Lucinda Cross
Gena Flores
Leesah Inky B
Fabienne Fredrickson
Lindsay Turner

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