Hello! My name is Devin and I am disrupting the cleaning product aisle! I founded the Optimist Co. after suffering an asthma attack from a leading "green" all purpose cleaner. I realized the natural label was actually hiding harsh toxins, irritants and fragrance. I created a line of natural cleaning products that only use recognizable ingredients, making cleaning your home simple and safe again. I am passionate about educating others on how to clean without chemicals and even teach our customers how to handcraft their own natural cleaning products. I love working with fellow entrepreneurs. I got this business started from my cottage kitchen with two girls under age 3 and have l...
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Time to Shine, natural all purpose cleaner
Bright Side, glass and surface cleaner
Better Basics, organic liquid castile soap

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Devin Donaldson
The Optimist Co
11 Desires Lane
West Barnstable, MA

Phone: 5178625550
Website: http://www.TheOptimistCo.com

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