THE CHAI, BABY! STORY Did you hear about the lawyer who took down her shingle and started a tea company? Well, sit down and take a load off, baby, and I’ll tell you the story. In her Indiana home, this lawyer had been longing for the real, traditional masala chai she’d had while growing up – steaming hot black tea with gloriously intermingling scents and spices. She remembered the warm, leisurely afternoons when she’d sit, sip and muse about life. She decided that she had to find the masala chai of her memories to enjoy here and now. So, she searched! And she steeped! However, after she tried what seemed like a hundred different masala chais on the market, not one really re-ca...
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  • Tea Candle: White Tea & Fresh Ginger [more]
  • Tea Candle: Green Tea & Lily [more]
  • Himalayan Bath Salt Refill [more]

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