Dixie Lincoln- Nichols is the owner and founder of Dixie Bits, an eco-friendly, refreshingly simple line of bath and body products. Dixie launched her line in June 2011 but the process of coming up with the concept and inspiration dates back to her childhood growing up in Trinidad. “Dance the Cocoa” – a different kind of beauty school. Dixie was raised by her grandmother in a small village in Trinidad called Grande Rivière. The property on which they lived was an Eden of fruit trees, exotic vegetables, and every fruit and herb under the sun. “My grandmother taught me how almost everything that grew around us could be used to nourish and beautify the skin,” Dixie says...
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  • Lychee/Red Tea Soy Candle [more]
  • Grapefruit/Vanilla Soy Candle [more]
  • Rave in Beauty [more]

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