Duchess O'Blunt

The Duchess O'Blunt - Owner
Bowmanville - Canada
  • Build Your Own Group

    In keeping with the Royalnesses that is "The Twisted Sisterhood" we are busy "Holding Court". So, if you have a group of friends who like to meet and have some fun, come build your own "Court" Or if you are interested in joining a "Court" already in session, come and check us out. We have Courts promoting Fun and Friendship, different Themes, Networking and Charity. Come check us out and help us "Twist it Up!"

  • Blogging

    Participate in community blogs
    Start your own personal blog
    Request to be the monitor of your "Blog of Choice" and we will build it for you.
    It's Free, It's Fun, It's a little "Twisted"

  • Fun and Friendships

    It is our vision to see bubbles of freindships popping up all over the world. Come and see how we do it at The Twisted Sisterhood

  • Networking

    We have several ways to Network with other women around the world - All Free at The Twisted Sisterhood. Come and check us out! Have some Fun and Twist it Up!

  • Promotion

    We offer a variety of ways to "promote" your business, website or blog - All Free at The Twisted Sisterhood.

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