Elizabeth Husserl

Financial Planning - Financial Advisor & Wealth Manager
Berkeley, CA
  • More and more as I attend business meetings and events, I realize just how much we are in a moment of unprecedented economic change. No one pretends any more to know exactly neither what is happening nor what comes next. In fact there is a sense of somehow wanting to continue with what we know, holding on to our past, while at the same time reaching into our bags of tricks to come up with something new. I see people holding their breath, hoping this passes sooner than later and not murmuring the “R” word of recession so as not to manifest it even further.

    On the upswing I also have noted that people are coming closer together. Entrepreneurs who before were too busy and swamped with clients are now turning up at networking events left and right hoping to generate new business and create more clients. We are turning towards each in hope of collaborating and creating new ideas. There is another “R” word in the making- that of relationships.

    I find it fascinating that recession [...]

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