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  • Ever feel like you keep running into a brick wall? Or, that you are in an endless repeating loop? Seems like everything is happening over and over? UGH! We don’t notice sometimes until things get really bad, do we? It just keeps creeping up until we are completely off balance and overwhelmed. So how do you reverse the trend?

    We don’t know what we don’t know: Remember when you were a teenager and you totally knew more than your parents (and everyone else?)? It still happens when you are older… We think we know it all, but then when we open up to learning something; everything changes, right? And it can be game changing!

    What are you not seeing or noticing right now that could make all the difference? What are you holding on to that is sabotaging your fabulous self? I recently had this well illustrated. My luxurious rain shower would continue to drip for (what seemed like) an hour after I finished my shower. Plink. Plink. Plink… No matter how much I tried to ignore it, and it [...]

  • OK, here we are at the end of January…four weeks into the New Year. How are those resolutions coming along? Noticed any habits that still need changing? Hmmm… Let’s think about this for a couple minutes. What is a habit anyway? When it is easier to do it than not, right? Sooooo, how much do you really want to change?  Those behavioral patterns are such a part of you that they feel like family, don’t they (and not always the family that you like…)?

    We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to change a habit, but recently, I discovered the truth; it actually takes much more…which, let’s be honest, we already all knew, since when we couldn’t change a habit in three short weeks we just figured we hadn’t tried hard enough and had failed yet again. Ugh!…so feeling stupid and broken, most of us give up. Drum roll, please:  It appears that it takes an average of 66 days (10 weeks!) to change a habit. For some of us it is less…and for some of us it is more. YIKES! Shall we be honest and admi [...]

  • It’s January…a quieter and more peaceful pace. A lovely blank slate…so let’s lighten up! Perfection is not the goal or at least, shouldn't be. Acceptance is the theme for this time of year! Love yourself exactly as you are and allow your perfect body to manifest. Each day is getting longer and lighter…so let’s follow that trend and do the same! Here’s how:


    Let go of attachment to results and relax: Stay in the moment right now. Savor it. Relax in it. Take the time to analyze what it is you really DO want and figure our the best way to get there. Did you take my FREE Goal Setting Analysis Workshop? If you missed it, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you the recording.  


    Love and accept yourself right now and be excited about what’s to come:  Anticipation of the amazing stuff to come not only feeeels great, but will attract all that yumminess to you. Find things to appreciate and focus on them, rather on what you don’t like and/or don’t want. That takes you down the [...]

  • Last year at this time, I shared my yearly reflection and goal setting process; Reflecting Back, Projecting Forward, in my last blog of 2011. It’s a ritual I have been doing for over a decade in which you learn from the past and feel empowered by the visual expansion and planning for the future. It becomes more powerful each year as you can see more growth and momentum-so excited about sharing this with you! I’ve updated the content and am resharing, along with offering a FREE workshop on the process!


    Tools to have handy:  Your 2012 day planner and two sheets of paper plus something with which to write. If you have a holiday letter that highlights your year, have that on-hand as well. You can certainly do this online if that works better for you-I prefer holding the pieces of paper and the process of hand writing…it’s more tangible to me that way!


    Reflecting Back:  Start with looking back at the past year and write down on the first sheet of paper everything that impacted [...]

  • Recently, I’ve been looking in the mirror and seeing something unexpected. The new me. The thinner, leaner me. The new normal. Getting more used to it each day and loving it!


    Wow! What a wonderful feeling!  I’m seeing leaner legs, a more slender face, my cheekbones have made an appearance and my clothes are much more comfortable. It’s taken a bit of getting used to…but what a joyful experience, right?


    Want some of this great stuff? Here are three tips to get you started:


    1.  Reset your bar and rediscover the new normal. Change your beliefs so you accept and embrace the new you. Don’t chase this fabulousness away with sabotage. Know that you totally deserve to be slender, healthy and toned. And you do!


    2.  Set smaller, attainable goals with a long-term goal in mind. Consider where you really want to be and then break it down into manageable, genuinely attainable pieces. Then, reassess your long-term goals; setting another short-term attainable one each time you rea [...]

  • I was traveling for a couple weeks last month in the US and one morning splurged on a Denny’s breakfast. You know the kind that comes on TWO separate plates with eggs, bacon, hash browns AND pancakes. Called the Great American Grand Slam; it was a deliciously decadent concoction of blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries, cream cheese icing and whipped cream. And, can you believe it, I’m still losing weight!


    How can this be?  Let me tell you the good news: When you are taking massive action (employing multiple strategies), you can eat what you want and be at your perfect weight (or reach it and stay there!). The best part is the wonderful AHA I had: I realized I am fulfilled by purpose-I don’t have a vast black hole to fill…I’m doing what my heart desires; my life purpose, so I am ON Purpose…and don’t need to stuff myself with food to satisfy the void. Nice!


    Sound intriguing? Here are three tips to get you started:


    1.  Discover and follow your purpose. If you do [...]

  • Have you ever considered how much time you spend thinking about food? Planning meals and obsessing about fat grams and calories? Do candy bars and other goodies scream at you and jump into your shopping cart? Do you eat without really tasting or considering the nutritional value; just wanting to fill a void?


    If so, you are not alone. Most people who are carrying extra weight are obsessed with food. Whether we want to admit it or not, we spend so much time focusing on EATING. This is a major contribution to why many aren’t losing the weight, no matter how much they exercise. Can you imagine what would your life be like if you had all that time to dedicate to something else, something constructive? I had this AHA as I was developing my turnkey program (I’ll be announcing a beta group SOON!) and have been thrilled and amazed at how my life transformed as my relationship with food changed.


    Ready to have more time, be more calm, enjoy your meals more and forever alter your re [...]

  • This weekend I’ve been indulging in a bit of decadence…shopping in my closet! Yep, it’s surprising what you can find in there…clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for eons but you’ve been holding on to them in the hopes that they might fit again some day. Can you relate? Well, that exciting moment has arrived for me recently; let the celebration begin!!


    Have you ever noticed how most of us end up putting on a few pounds each year and don’t really become aware of it until we try on something from a past season only to notice that it feels snug? Perhaps it shrunk at the drycleaners? Ha! Ever experienced that?


    Well, I sure have! And if you’ve been searching for a solution, I’ve got some great news!  I’ve been honing a new “system” and making it turnkey so I can share it with all of you. Had to test it on myself first to be sure it would work. The key is for it to be fun, effortless, effective and lasting, right? Anyone interested in fitting into their skinny jeans?  I [...]

  • Have you ever noticed how mirrors offer opportunities for interesting perspectives…how they allow us to see the same or is it the opposite that we are viewing? Is it an alternate universe? Perhaps future possibilities? The “flip” side?


    Let’s consider the following:


    1.  Do we see what we WANT to see when we look into a mirror?  What can we learn from this? Is it a good thing or a bad thing to see what we want? Following the Law of Attraction, we understand that we create with our thoughts and it’s OK (to a certain degree!) to fantasize and dream rather than dwelling on “what is”.


    2.  People are mirrors-we see in them that which we don’t like in ourselves. Ever notice that some people really push your buttons? If you are open to it, take a closer look, and you’ll find a piece of yourself that you don’t particularly like.  Hmmm…so how does this serve us? Try accepting the person and working on the facet of you that needs tweaking.


    3.  And then there’s the car mirror [...]

  • Last week I challenged you to notice the foundations upon which your relationships are built because sometimes we surround ourselves with toxicity and instead of being joyful, we spin out of control, sucked into the muck by the negative energy around us. So, did you take up the challenge? How did that go for you?


    Many of us wish we had more satisfying relationships with friends and family, but are convinced that we aren’t deserving of that or that the roles and personalities are solidly in place, set in cement and can’t be changed.  Would you believe me, if I told you that this wasn’t true?  We are only limited by our beliefs (and actions!). Try one or more of the following and watch how the energy in your relationships changes for the positive:


    1.  Set healthy boundaries. If something doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it-even if you’ve always done it in the past. And, it’s OK not to answer your phone or to end a conversation if you don’t have the time (or don’t want to [...]

  • Last week I challenged you to notice those to whom you are drawn…because it is those relationships that happen due to strong synchronicities and have the potential (IF we let them) to be life-changing! If we pay attention to our inner voice, the Universe, God; whatever we personally call this higher power, then our lives will flow so much more naturally, successfully and joyfully. So, did you take up the challenge? How did that go for you?


    The family into which we were born (or into which we married) isn’t always what we might have chosen. Those relationships that we have chosen ourselves should be authentic: based on trust, self-respect and be filled with joy. They should raise you up to a higher vibrational frequency and help you to be a better person. If your relationships can’t be described this way, perhaps it is time to step back and reevaluate them.


    This week, I challenge you to notice the foundations upon which your relationships are built. Are they satisfying? D [...]

  • I am just back from a lovely weekend with my cousin in Prague…well, she actually isn’t a blood relative, but she and I agree that we are FAMILY. It started me thinking…sometimes family is a natural selection process, isn’t it? Those to whom we are drawn and with whom we have the most magical moments and synchronicities are like family-so shouldn’t they also be called family?


    Perhaps it is time to rethink our definition of family. Part of having an authentic life is being present and actively participating in relationships. When we do this, the bonds are deep and lasting…and ultimately more meaningful to everyone involved.


    This week, I challenge you to notice those to whom you are drawn; those people who cross your path as a synchronicity. Be alive and awake in your interactions. Genuinely care about them. Make an effort to add to their lives and it will add to yours ten-fold. That’s the kind of relationships I want in my life; what about you? Hey, you can never have enou [...]

  • Do you feel like you need to WIN all the time? Hello! Who doesn’t like to win? I sure do! However, let’s consider what kind of energy is present when you have to do “better” than someone else. I’m not saying it isn’t good to do your best and be the best you can be. I am totally a fan of that! But, at the price of someone else losing? Yuck! That’s not the kind of energy you want swirling around you, is it?


    So, how do we win and let others win, too?  The true WIN-WIN?


    Try these simple tips:


    1.  Be self-confident; you don’t need to outdo the Jones’… Be satisfied with what you have now and filled with the joy and expectation of what you want blossoming (as if you already have it, not from a place of lack or envy). Appreciate what others have and be happy for them. It gives you the contrast you need to know what you do and don’t want, so you can attract what you desire. This is an abundant Universe and there is enough for everyone!


    2.  Intend the highest good outcome [...]

  • In my last blog, I talked about letting go of keeping score…so that our success flows naturally (and we stay out of our own way!). When we put our attention on what we don’t have, rather than what we actually want, the law of attraction brings us what we are focusing our attention on…that which we don’t want. So, how do we stop thinking about what we don’t want, when it is so, so, so distracting??? And we really don’t want it!!! Practice-that’s right, practice!


    Try these simple tips to easily shift your focus and attract your ideal life:


    1.  When you start dwelling on what you don’t have, practice thinking about what you DO want as if it is already your reality. If it is too challenging to think about what you want because it seems too far out of reach, just shift your focus onto something that brings you joy.


    Bonus tip: Make a list of things that put a smile on your face and carry it with you for easy reference. And then refer to it!


    2.  Use affirmations to shif [...]

  • Ever wish you knew the missing ingredient that is keeping you from achieving your goals? Could it be connected to the fact that most of us are constantly stopping to measure our success? But what could be wrong with that? We need to know where we are, right? Yes…but it turns out that putting too much attention on where you AREN’T, rather than on where you want to be, is most people's downfall. When we turn our focus on what we don’t want, guess what happens? We get what we don’t want. The Universe does what we ask!


    So, how do we change the outcome and get the results we want? It’s not actually that complicated; it’s just a tweak where you are putting your attention. When you notice that you are thinking about what you DON’T want, acknowledge it (without placing blame, thus adding more negative energy), and shift to thinking about what you DO want. The Universe will respond by sending you all sorts of synchronicities to help you along the way…but it is up to you to notice the [...]

  • OK, so here we are, well into April…almost four months have flown by, haven’t they? How are things progressing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Ummm, yep, remember them? I’m talking about those goals for 2012 that you made last December… Do you find yourself waking up every morning with a smile on your face and a feeling of satisfaction and success, or are you suffering from a resolution hangover after four months of hibernation and spinning your wheels?


    Kudos to you if it is the former! And, no worries, if it is the latter. The year isn’t wasted. You can still pick up where you left off and here’s how:


    Bring out your list (yes, NOW) and take a serious look at where you are and then consider where you want to be. For most of us, our desired goals fall into the following categories:


    • Am I healthier?


    • Am I slimmer?


    • Do I have less stress?


    • Am I more organized?


    • Do I have a vibrant, lucrative career?


    • Do I have loving, intimate relat [...]

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