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  • Active vs. Inactive

    February 1, 2011

    How much of the information on your computer is old, outdated, inaccurate, and just not useful anymore? January is the perfect time to review all that stuff on your computer, from your documents to your databases to your emails. Do you really want to spend 2011 scrolling through old information?

    Take the time to review a few key areas of your software to get a clearer picture of your opportunities for 2011. Start in your accounting and customer relationship management (CRM). Most software applications have the option to mark customers as Inactive. This is a great tool because in most cases, it also removes the names from the drop-down lists you use during data entry. The best part about this feature is that you can run filtered reports that will show your inactive vs. active clients, so you know who to contact to rekindle the relationship.


    Several years ago one o [...]

  • I received a phone call this week from a potential client. She found my name on the Peachtree.com website, and as with most people who call from there, she was having a problem. Her name was Jane and the first thing she said was, “Someone deleted all my 2010 invoices!”

    Now, the only way to accomplish this in Peachtree (so I thought) is to delete each invoice individually, and I doubted someone had done that. After asking her a few questions, Jane handed the phone over to Samantha, who answered them.

    Samantha told me their accountant needed financial statements from 2007. In order to print those statements, she restored a backup of the company file from 2009. Unfortunately, she restored the backup over the current company file, and although there was a warning that she would lose data by doing this, she clicked on Continue rather than Cancel.

    So I asked her, “When was the last time you did a backup?” thinking that perhaps they would only lose a few weeks or maybe a month o [...]

  • What Is Cloud Computing?

    September 21, 2010

    Cloud computing is an idea whose time has finally come.

    If any of you have been on the Internet as long as I have (does CompuServe ring a bell?) then you may remember people talking about applets. Applets, in 2000 or 2001 were applications that would run online rather than on your computer. It was proposed that you would not have to buy software programs and install them on your computer – that instead you would use applications on the Internet.

    Well, in 2001 that was almost scandalous. Not have software? Use applications that are only online? That will never work.

    And it didn’t, until recently. Now, re-named Cloud Computing, just about anyone who surfs the net is riding a cloud. Don’t think so? Let’s take a closer look.

    Cloud Computing

    Online banking
    Google Docs

    Recognize anything on this list? How many of these to you log into? Welcome to the cloud.

    Cloud computing, simply stated, is the use of applications that are l [...]

  • The Woohoo! Project

    September 5, 2010

    When was the last time you were frustrated by your computer?

    When was the last time you overcame that frustration and solved the problem?

    When was the last time to learned something new about your computer?

    Really, I want to know.

    Did you feel good?

    Good enough to “Woohoo”?
    The Woohoo Project

    The Woohoo! Project was created as a place to celebrate when you overcome a frustration, or phobia, or hurdle, or whatever is holding you back from accomplishing what you want to accomplish!

    Stop by and tell me about your Woohoos! – computer-related and otherwise! The URL is http://www.eocomputing.com/thewoohooproject.php

    Efficiently yours,

    The Software Revitalist
    Ellen DePasquale – The Software Revitalist™

  • CRM stands for "customer relationship management".

    Great, what is "customer relationship management"?

    CRM is any way that you reach, touch, communicate, sell, or lose a customer. The purpose of CRM software is two-fold; to assist marketing, sales, and customer service representatives with detailed customer information enabling then to have targeted communications and to assist management with understanding what is and is not working in the company's processes and procedures.

    what is crmIn its basic form, CRM software houses all the information you have about your customers. The standard stuff includes company, contact, address, phone, email, website, title, industry, # of employees, and other information that identifies the company and contact.

    Okay, now the fun begins. Attached to the company and contact records is a wealth of information. Let's start with communications.

    All the emails, phone calls, faxes, and letters associated with the company and contact are connected to their rec [...]

  • Window to the World

    February 8, 2010

    No matter what business you are in, you need to use a computer. Some people embrace that, others, not so much.

    Driving home from a morning networking event today I was thinking about how to find a friendlier way to present the value of computers. My message is that they are an amazing tool that can help grow a business, not a necessary evil that is required in business.

    Then it struck me - my own computer screen is my "window to the world."Not only does the world come to me via the Internet and emails, but I reach out to the world with how I use my software too.

    Online stuff such as social media, blogging, and the information on my website are the obvious examples, but there is so much more. Think about it. How much do you accomplish on your computer that eventually winds up in the hands of your prospects and clients? The short answer is everything!

    Here are my personal examples:

    • my business cards, post cards, and flyers were designed in Microsoft Publisher
    • my presentatio [...]

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