Faylene Bell

Dazzling Concepts - CEO & Founder
Atlanta, GA
  • Sick & Tired Apparel

    Make a bold statement with either Sick & Tired t-shirts, tank tops or panties.

  • Just Freakin Tired of Everything Kit

    Kit items to help maintain your sanity after one of those days of being sick of everything!

  • Sick & Tired of Playing by the Rules Kit

    Sick of working? following the rules? this kit will help with your attitude adjustment to maintain sanity in the workplace.

  • Sick & Tired of Juggling it All Kit

    Kit items to maintain your Diva status and help you deal with the madness

  • Sick & Tired of Dating or Being Single Kit

    Sick of Dating and horrible online dating stories or being set up by friends? Sick of being single and looking for that perfect mate? These kit items will help give you pleasure.

  • Sick & Tired of Being a Busy Mom Kit

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