• Mingle and Connect

    December 9, 2011

    It's time to mingle and connect now that the work is done and the ties and scarves are packed and ready to go to the show tomorrow.  I've been hustling and painting for days and excited about introducing my handpainted silk ties to potential customers along with the silk scarves.  Trying to have something for everyone.  The pressure is off...time to mingle and hear what people want and what they have to say about what I have offered. I have posted photos of my new merchandise and my next step after this will be to get a long overdue website. 

  • Just when I started to relax and ease up with the production of my handpainted silks, I thought wouldn't it be fun to get out there with the people and participate in a holiday craft festival.  Hear what people have to say, see what they're interested in and set up shop and mingle.  So I sent in my registration form and continued painting at my leisurely pace until I checked the date.  Yikes!!  The show is just around the corner. 

    Pressure!  Pressure!  Do I have enough merchandise?  No.  Do I have enough variety?  No.  So, ladies, I've been painting day and night and enjoying every minute of it.  Once the creative process begins for me the excitement starts and one idea leads to another and voila - I have my assortment of merchandise.  Finally, the silk ties that I promised myself  I would do months ago are ready.  Months ago there was no pressure to rush to do it - oh there's plenty of time I thought.  So with the pressure of the show looming so close I painted and painted and [...]

  • Free Advertising

    April 5, 2010

    Another Monday - another week beginning and I feel positive.  After reading about all the motivated women on the Savor the Success site I feel positively raring to go. 

    I've been adding more handpainted silk scarves to my collection in preparation for the house party that I will be participating in at the end of April.  My goal right now is to get as many people wearing them as possible - the way I see it - that's free advertising.  No matter what the product, art, accessories, apparel, skin care products, web design, etc. - the more satisfied customers, the more free advertising.  I found Julie Steelman's April 2 blog very helpful and will keep her advice in mind during this event.

    I just received an award for one of my silk paintings that is part of a group show.  Not only was that a sign to me that I am heading in the right direction with my handpainted silk but there again is free advertising. 

  • After the long cold winter we've had here in NY it is hard to resist going out into the spring sunshine and soaking it up.  To me right now it is more important than ever to keep painting my silk scarves - I have several opportunities coming up where I can display my scarves before Mother's Day and Graduation and replenish my supply in a local gallery.  So designs and colors are whirling around my head each night and I paint at every opportunity.  It seems I am motivated by pressure - the pressure of a deadline.  Why didn't I prepare during the cold dreary days of winter you may think.....w e l l......   So I open the shades and let the sun shine in and crank up the music and with paintbrush in hand instead of sneakers on feet I enjoy the day.  I stay focused and actually love it. 

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