Jamie Inman

Jamie Inman Enterprises - Owner
Hollister, CA
  • This morning, Facebook deleted a photo of a magazine cover that featured me for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a full time advocate for breast cancer awareness, I am reliant on social media to help people become educated on the devastating effects of this disease. There was no notification, no inquiry as to the photo’s origins, no polite request to take it down. They simply deleted it, along with five other photos featuring cancer survivors. In each of these photos, the outlines of our bodies are visible but our breasts are fully covered by body paint. Flesh tones and nipples (which many of us no longer have) are completely and tastefully concealed under the incredible artwork of renowned photographer Michael D. Colanero and body painter Keegan Hitchcock, the geniuses behing the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project. There are countless Facebook ads that appear unsolicited showing women in sexually suggestive poses far more revealing [...]

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