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    September 8, 2010

    Each day you have to decide what is important?  What will I try and accomplish today?  Will I make a difference?  Does my message have impact or resonate with the receiver of the message?  Can I reach the readers of our magazine with information that will make a difference in their business lives as well as their personal lives?

    Recently, I have gone through some major changes.  These changes have had an affect on me.  I keep a lot of my personal life to myself, but I see that it colors everything that I do, the choices I make daily and the direction I find myself taking.  Ultimately, I believe I make the right choices for myself, my family and my business.  I often look for inspirations from those around me and the people that have influenced me through their positive works.

    As I go through this period of time that has been somewhat challenging from a personal standpoint, I find strength in faith, hope, love and true understanding.  I know I will make it through this and I con [...]

  • FRIDAY - JUNE 19, 2009

    This week we are finishing up the last bit of editorial.  Some intriguing new stories from some fresh point of view writers that we think our readers will enjoy.  Susie Coelho will be featured in one of our Business Illuminate profiles.  Another Business Illuminate profile is on Martha Zoller radio talk show host.  Leslie Gail, Judith Sullivan and Rhonda Higgins Thornton will share their sharp minds with our reading audience. 

    There is something for the fashionistas with the designs of two shoe companies; one that offers style while providing your feet with comforth, and the other has beautiful designs for the larger sized shoe female; both are something special. 

    Our entertainment and music section will be sure to surprise.

    Our two Woman of the Month picks for July and August should be a real treat to all the Savor the Success network members.

    Look for the new issue around the 1st of July!

    -the staff of W2WB magazine

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