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  • Many businesses, especially SMEs, view search marketing and social media marketing from different angles.

    This is why some of them have separate strategies for both and others choose to go with one or the other.

    That approach is not optimal.

    It is common knowledge that apart from the search engines (basically Google), the social media platforms are where most consumers spend their decision-making time.

    The interplay between search and social, therefore, cannot be ignored.  You simply cannot afford to go with one or the other.

    The best strategies view search and social holistically to yield better results.  

    Relying on one side of the divide increases the chances of missing out on an aspect of a customer’s buying journey.

    Consumers’ varying preferences for information consumption also highlights the fact that a combination of the two phases of marketing will yield better results than a singular focus.

    Here are two statistics to get you thinking:  

  • Learning online is huge.  Millions across the world are signing up for courses to acquire new skills or update their knowledge

    You can create an online course and help others through your ideas, passion, and skills.   And make money in the process.

    There are many advantages that come with creating and selling your online course.

    That begins with registering your domain name and designing a professional website.

    Creating an online can projects you as an expert in your business, leading to other opportunities.

    Online courses can serve as a lead generator.  It can draw repeat traffic to your website as yours students come for their lessons.  

    You can also generate good earnings from your courses.  Reviewing your content from time to time and introducing fresh materials.

    But this may not be your route. You can choose to make a source of passive income that requires only an initial investment of time and resources.

    Creating an online course may seem complic [...]

  • If you’re thinking of quitting your day job and pursuing a DIY passion, refurbishing a home can provide a good channel to release all that pent up energy and urges. 

    Another interesting point is that a property business does not require any particular training or qualifications, or a strict guide for success. 

    So how do you become a property business manager or developer? What licenses do you need or professional exams you require to pass? None really! Once you’ve made your first property sale for profit, you’ve officially become a property agent. 

    Is a property management business profitable?


    The real estate sector has a lot of profit potentials. Prices of buying homes are high, which means more people are opting to rent, and property agents can help facilitate such transactions and make some profit of their own. Most agents charge an upfront as well as a monthly fee for their services. 

    A property developer’s job is mostly about managing a client’s [...]

  • Running your own business is great for so many reasons. Besides the flexibility of combining home and business responsibilities, you also get to enjoy being your own boss. In fact, there are many reasons that suggest women make better entrepreneurs. Despite what people think, managing a business is not as easy as it seems. From dealing with rising overhead costs and employee issues to juggling your own personal life, self-employment can take its toll on you. 

    Fortunately, many women have succeeded in the role. Here are a few success tips to help you steer that ship a lot easier.

    Hire a comptent team

    1. Hire a competent team


    A business is only as successful as its employees. There are several cases of businesses that crumbled because of incompetent staff and management. Even if you are a good lone ranger, the moment you start hiring, you have shifted some responsibility to others. A good team can make or break your business.

    Your company has the potentia [...]

  • Website Downtime

    If you own a website that pulls much traffic or experiences regular traffic spikes, then you probably already dread downtimes. When they happen, your website goes down, and you don’t only lose traffic, you also lose money. This is especially true for people that monetise their websites via affiliate marketing and those that sell products or services on their sites.

    For instance, Amazon lost $66,240 per minute during the period in 2013 when its website went down briefly. Other ways a business can experience loss during a downtime include loss of business to competitors, loss of customer loyalty, and loss of credibility.

    The big question is: what causes website downtimes?

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

    If you pay attention to news, then you must have heard of the DDoS attack that crippled many high-traffic websites , including Spotify, Twitter, and PayPal, in the U.S. and the U.K. using a myriad of everyday Internet of Things (IoT). A Distributed Deni [...]

  • Do you remember why you decided to study law? For most people, it was to make a difference, to impact the world in their own way. As a lawyer, your job can provide this- but when you take up a pro bono case, or an altruistic one, you’ll discover how more effective that impact can be.

    Speaking with Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Counsel at the Australian Bar Association and a seasoned lawyer, I was able to gather information on how much a pro bono case can do for a lawyer, especially one at the formative stage of their career.

    Jeffrey Phillips who specialises in several aspects of law from industrial relations to employment and fair work, has participated in pro bono cases and says it’s not as bad as many lawyers make it out to be. “Far from it, taking a pro bono case makes you experience a personal fulfilment in your job than many other cases would,” he said.

    Here are some major pointers on the benefits of a pro bono case:-

    Unlimited opportunities

    While some lawyers [...]

  • Anik Singal - Email marketing techniques

    Having a website to establish your presence online is a prerequisite when starting a business these days. However, while most entrepreneurs now understand the benefits of owning a website, very few entrepreneurs are getting measurable value from their online presence.

    The goal of having a business website is to produce leads and sales. You can optimize your website to convert more visitors to customers. But adding email marketing to your arsenal is the best way to guarantee you convert a lot more visitors into paying customers.

    According to Anik Signal, a leading internet marketing expert that has generated millions of dollars in sales online, no matter how well optimized your website is, the majority of your customers will simply not buy on the first exposure to your offer. Email marketing has been proving to convert, and on average generates an ROI of 3600%.

    TO ensure you start your email marketing on the right foot, here are 3 tips from Anik Signal.

    1) Design a [...]

  • health care property investment

    New legislations may be taking away some of the shine from property investment but it is still without doubts one of the best vehicles available to investors today. Thinking of starting your investment? You could do very well looking  into a health care property portfolio. Here are some top tips from experienced investors.

    Patience is vital

    Investment is long term no need to rush or panic

    While many would-be investors fully understand the importance of assessing pros and cons before investing in a property, only very few are patient enough to do proper analysis before making the plunge. Some investors take the bait after listening to sales pitches from developers when they would have been better served communicating with agents first. Always bear in mind that the property business is a long term game and you should avoid putting yourself in a position where you will be forced to sell.

    Work with the right professionals

    Audly health centre

    Unless you are a genius with degrees in law, accounting, engineering, etc., you need th [...]

  • In the business world, being the fastest and most efficient company in your sector is one of the best and easiest ways of getting ahead of the competition. In my experience, I’ve been employed by quite a few companies that haven’t taken their internet and broadband services seriously. Now when I say services, I don’t mean selling that to other companies. What I mean is that in the business itself, many just install a decent internet connection and leave it to its own devices without monitoring it and investigating if there are other ways which can make it faster and more efficient. You can bet that many rival companies have just left it at that which provided us with an opportunity to better them. Well there’s a new type of internet service which had put many businesses back in the game and it’s called smart internet. It’s usually provided by outsourcing to another company who handle the installation and such, but ultimately it will help your business tenfold. I did a bit of rese [...]

  • Being a small business in today’s cut throat business world isn’t easy. There are always challenges and potential dangers that need to be avoided, however it can be really rewarding if a business is run successfully. One of the ways to maintain a successful business is to make sure it’s easy to see in the public eye. Advertisements are a good way of doing this and there are many techniques to this option. The tired and tested method for years has always been in the form of print. This involves newspapers, yellow pages and magazines like the Friday Ad, which only exists for business to advertise their services to potential customers. However, with the rise of smartphones, tablets and computers, many people see newspapers and print media as a dying art form. Therefore a business has to rethink how best to advertise. Going digital seems to be the best and most efficient way forward. I spoke with flowink, a digital agency in Hertfordshire, about some of the reasons why going digital [...]

  • When you hear the word franchise, you probably think of big American companies (mostly food outlets) that have expanded throughout the world and are extremely successful. However, franchises aren’t just strictly based in America anymore. They’re based all over the world in a variety of different industries. Their success is based on the company’s national and worldwide reputation and because of this, franchises are relatively easy to make successful (providing you’ve gauged the surrounding area’s market in the correct way). If you’ve ever been interested in setting up a franchise, or you’re simple wanting to know more about the subject, take a look at a few of the points I’ve written below. I decided to do a bit of research online, whilst also speaking to an expert who runs multiple franchises in the UK such as for further advice, about some of the main positives to purchasing a franchise and this are the main points I concluded.

    Strong brand and reputation to begin with

  • For a new company or any business looking to move to a new stage of development, the importance of securing a business loan cannot be overemphasised. However, the business loans market has changed a great deal over the past few years. Banks, which were once the main players in this market have almost completely disappeared with alternative funding options emerging to meet the needs of the businesses.  We take a look at what you need to keep in mind as you seek for a business loan in the current market.

    Ignore headlines

    Lenders of today know there is a strong demand for the credit facilities they have to offer so they do all they can to attract as many businesses as possible. This is why it is important for businesses to avoid getting attracted to any particular lender solely due to low interest rates. These rates may be eye-catching but in many cases they do not tell the complete story.

    Look at all available options

    Experts like Mukesh Valabhji say businesses look [...]

  • renting in London

    I’ve lived in London before and I have many friends that live in London now. It’s such an exciting place to live in and there’s always something going on in and around the nations capital. If you’re starting a new job in London or your simply looking to move to a more vibrant place to live, this article will give you a short helpful guide on where to start looking for property and what type of flat or house you should be looking for, depending on your living situation of course. I worked with London2Let, a property and flatshare specialist in London, for some handy advice for this article and we both decided on these tips being the most important aspect of a new move to the capital!


    Probably the most popular way to live in the capital at the moment, renting a flat or house is a great way of having some place to live without making the large financial investment of purchasing the property. There are no shortage of places to rent, however you must make sure yo [...]

  • Regardless of what sphere of life you are looking at, risk abounds in every corner. It is however more pronounced in the business environment. It can be found in everything ranging from possible breaches in security to weaknesses in the supply chain. This is why it is virtually impossible to completely avoid risk. However, you can mitigate risk and keep it under control by working with quality risk ainsurance providers.

    How do you know quality risk assurance providers? How can you differentiate the best from other companies? We take a look below.

    They offer a fresh perspective

    The best risk assurance firms look at your policies, systems and controls, processes, from a new perspective.  They completely cover third parties you work with, data integrity, internal audit, IT and other projects, regulation and business processes.   This is possible because such firms have an army of practitioners that have certifications that are relevant to their areas of expertise. This [...]

  • Being a female entrepreneur in a predominantly male environment comes with it's own unique set of challenges. You have to work harder, play smarter, and your presence has to be commanding and fluid at all times. In the office, you're going to make sure you get the respect you deserve, because you didn't come all this way to be put on the bench. You have a plan, your wardrobe is sound, and you're ready to take all of your daily challenges head on, but do you really want to do all that in three inch heels? A golfer doesn't golf in their runners, and a businesswoman shouldn't do business in her dinner party shoes. Complete your professional wardrobe ensemble with a pair of brogues to keep all eyes on you. If you want to know more about this iconic shoe, check out this handy info graphic from!

    The Shoe

    The classic brogue is a flat shoe, with a heel that is only slightly raised. Being the traditional style, it is a very versatile design that is compatible w [...]

  • Your Start Up Business

    Starting a new business is one of the most rewarding things you can do. However, it is also one of the most challenging, as you are literally taking the financial future of your family into your hands. The road to success with a new startup is punctuated by many pitfalls, and so often the reality fails to live up to the initial expectations of the entrepreneur.

    Why do so many startups fail?

    Most of the time, a small business will fail as a result of a lack of forward planning. For example, some make the mistake of failing to undertake adequate research to ensure there is a ready market for their product and services.

    An idea may sound great but there is no guarantee that it will hit home with the target audience. Thus, the startup business is doomed to fail if the correct due diligence is not completed, and the entrepreneur will be left counting his or her losses.

    Apart from flawed research, startups can also fail as a result of lost lawsuits, accidents, and ot [...]

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