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    We see celebrities on glossy magazines, TV, entertainment websites, and the big screen. With their famous name plastered on commercials and other product endorsements, we begin to wonder what else they can do. Then we see celebrities expanding their brand by designing clothes, creating self-named discount perfumes, building their own charity organizations and a lot more.

    After making a name in the entertainment world, a number of female celebrities expand their name into profitable businesses. See savvy celebrities turn their bright minds and influential name into a money-making empire.

    1. The Kardashian Sisters
    Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian became famous for their reality TV shows on E! They get invited into the biggest movie premiers, get to host shows, and even have guest appearances on movies. Other than the limelight, the Kardashian sisters currently own a chain of fashion boutique called DASH and the Kardashian Kollection exclusively availa [...]

  • Are Legends Born or Made?

    September 5, 2013

    Are you a survivor, explorer, or legend? Heineken wants to know. In their new campaign, the challenge is to find those daring adventurers in the world who long to explore their lives outside of the comfort zones. This is what makes legends. Inspired by the voyage of life, Heineken wants participants to do something they have never tried in their fifth installment of the Legends platform.

    A fully immersive encounter, this new campaign from the premium beer brand, participants will be “Dropped” into a location, situation, and challenge to test their skills. This documentary-like YouTube show will follow the contestants through journals and video of their legendary travel. Dropped around the world in remote locations with basic supplies participants will explore using their personal skills to travel, communication, and make their way to the final destination – their home. 

    Heineken will present each journey on their Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel where viewers will foll [...]

  • Getting Noticed

    September 4, 2013

    Trying to get yourself noticed above all the competition, is one of the hardest things to achieve for any company, never mind a relatively new one. There are a variety of ways to try and achieve this, one of which is attending trade fairs. It’s best to go for the largest, most well known within your industry, and if you can get some publicity in the local trade news even better.Having decided on which exhibition you would like to attend, make sure you book your stand space promptly. The best locations will soon get snapped up, so if you want to make the best impression you can, you will need to secure the best stand and floor space that is financially possible.

    Invest In a Professional

    Presenting your goods and services in the best possible way is of paramount importance. All your competition is likely to be on show too. This means you will need to create something out of the ordinary and eye catching, to bring in your desired clientele. Unless you have your own expe [...]

  • It seems that no matter how hard women work; how brilliant they are; or how their personal talents make them shine, judgments about their ability to do their job is based on the suit they wear. The 3-piece suit has defined the board room for years as men rose to the top of their industry, but now women are taking control. As they break through the glass ceiling they are turning in their sweet floral dresses for the power suit. Business suits for women can meen fashionable tailored suit exudes control, stability, creativity, and style.

    Lothbury Black Trouser Suit

    Black Trouser Suit

    The Lothbury Trouser Suit is a smart choice for any day at the office. Add this design to your wardrobe and you can mix and match it with many other options. The fabric has an increased thread count for the supple soft material that will last a lifetime. The jacket is a stunning single breasted fully lined design with one button, a collar, and functional pockets. Built with comfort and ease of movement in mind, [...]

  • Business Self Strorage

    As a modern business woman you will be looking to exapand your empire and if you are holding goods to be sold then the issue of storage will with you all the step of the way. 

    Did you know that space is one of the best resources of a business? Since space is essential, it must be used properly- after all, business owners must get what their money's worth for the space they are paying for. With that said, it is crucial to find the balance between being able to properly store office equipments and supplies while ensuring that employees have access to stored materials to ensure their productivity.

    Self storage is an excellent option for businesses. Facilities such as
    offering storage units can provide businesses an option to store important office equipments and items in a secured and safe facility. Business owners must understand that these units can help cut costs and save office space. Here are a few of the main advantages of using self stor [...]

  • Woman by the water cooler

    As modern business women running a busy office its important to keep the health of your workers in good shape this will of cource benefit you with improved productivity and keep the team health and happy.

    Summer is the perfect time to discuss the health benefits of water, along with the options of acquiring it while working in offices. Our bodies are about 75% water, but we lose, even without exercise, about 2 liters of fluid on a daily basis.

    Because of this, doctors have long advocated that adults have, at a minimum, 8 glasses of water per day, to rehydrate ourselves so that we can remain energized and better able to concentrate. This has an added benefit to employers of increasing productivity. One study tested the moods of 25 women throughout their day, and showed that when the women were dehydrated, even a little bit, they tended to be in bad moods, regardless if they were working or at rest. The study helps to prove that one needs to stay hydrated to increase both [...]

  • Mercedes Benz E Class - Hire Car

    As a woman in business, there is a always a pursuit to save money and to keep the overhead down. Recently this American woman learned more about the business practices in the UK. One of the options for businesses in the United Kingdom is the chance to register for Value added Tax (VAT) and take advantage 100% tax free business equipment and items obtained for resale. One of the big challenges in business is how to maintain and regulate the use and cost of a fleet of business vehicles. Business Contract Hire is a solution to this challenge.

    Benefit: Ownership

    One of the important aspects of Contract hire of cars is that ownership of the fleet of cars when the rental period is complete. This is important because the company that you contract with is going to handle the car repairs and upgrades.  Also a car needs to be retired that will not fall on your companies hands to deal with. The ownership of the full purchase and replacement of the car falls to the owner, not t [...]

  • social media globe

    Running a successful social media agency requires more than the ability to simply update community pages. You get an online marketing, seo and social media company in evey town and city now in this digital age so In order to appeal to more clients and to obtain more customers who are interested in your services there are a few tips and tricks to implement into your own marketing and advertising strategy as a social media agency. Understanding how to appeal to potential clients can ultimately mean the difference between keeping them and losing business altogether.

    Treat Each Client as an Individual Case


    Although social media is easy to implement for most all brands and websites today, it is still essential to treat each client and customer you are working with as a complete individual. Each client provides different needs based on their target demographic as well as the products or services they are trying to promote. Developing a social media marketing plan and camp [...]

  • Music Production

    It seems where ever you go whoever you meet, you will meet someone dreaming of a career in music, but the big question is how do you get started in the industry? Production music companys create music for Film, TV, Advertising and many media productions such as corporate presentations.

    They create a showcase library of pieces that will fit various sectors and also create bespoke music tracks for people that want something totally unique to them. The users licence the music that is created and then use it how they feel fit, in whatever project that they are creating a notable company to look at would be Imagem Production Music as you can see they have a wealth of professionally created music to select from.  

    What you need

    Getting started in production is there are specific things you need to start out with in order to build a successful company. To get started, go to school. Get a formal education that will provide you with the foundation you need. If college is not [...]

  • Sell Your Home Online

    When you want to sell your house, you have a few different options. Selling your own home is one of them with For Sale by Owner schemes. However, you should follow these tips to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

    Prepare The House for Sale

    Get your home in shape

    A real estate agent might be able to give you some tips on how to prepare your house; however, you can also use the following ones to create a space that people want to purchase. Try to de-personalize the house a bit. Removing an excessive amount of photos of you and your family allows other families to envision themselves living there. You may also want to select more appealing colours for the walls and fix up any holes.

    Determine The House's Value

    Now, you can order an appraisal without going through a real estate company or agent. Doing so would be wise. This will allow you to know the true value of the house. You also need to see what other comparable houses in the area are selling for. Pricing your ho [...]

  • Body Corporate Software

    June 26, 2013

    Corporate Woman Need Software

    Women entrepreneurs could end up using a very expensive approach with regard to the overhead of their corporate managers. Nevertheless, this can be avoided if women entrepreneurs have a committee that is comprised of right members who have the right set of skills. Also, using body corporate software, business owners can now manage their body corporate affairs regardless of the approach they follow. This innovative solution is less expensive and a must for a body corporate committee as it helps bring down the company’s overheads to great extents.

    The following are the numerous ways in which women entrepreneurs can benefit from using the body corporate software:

    •    Ease of Use

    The software can help improve work efficiency while reducing the overall work effort. It allows the entrepreneurs to post communications or send emails to the owners instead of printing labels and documents, which can be very time consuming. Committee meeting reminders will be just a text mes [...]

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