• There are many reasons to play casual games, but more often than not they are played during leisure time. The students featured in the video are among the first "FootGamers," a term trademarked by Judy Shasek to describe a new way to use a dance-mat type game controller to play games that are conventionally played with a mouse or keystrokes. Watch the students observe Shasek playing AstroPop with the mat. Catch our video clip.

    Comments like, 'Wow! Now I bet my mom will let me play these cool games 'cause I'll be getting some exercise!" filled the air. The learning curve was minimal, with 4th graders reaching level 5 in their very first try.

    Many school Districts have wellness mandates that include 150-225 minutes of physical activity weekly for various grades. When the computer lab can be re-invented as an activity area as easily as plugging in a mouse-type peripheral - the Foot POWR Pad - opportunity to add more physical activity becomes an economical reality. It's economical in t [...]

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