• If you work in an office or from home as a freelancer, you will know how easy it is for a manageable workload to quickly turn into a heap of paperwork and tasks that are likely to cause stress and panic. By taking a step back, and having a little bit of thought and planning, you will start to feel on top of things again and be able to complete all tasks effectively.

    Here are a couple of techniques you may find useful to improve your productivity at work, and reduce your stress levels:

    Create a to-do list

    When you are working on so many projects and tasks, the pressure can build and it can be difficult to know where to start to get through everything. And there is also the risk that a small task can get forgotten about amongst the bigger, more important tasks. To-do lists are a good way to clear your mind and reduce worry by getting everything you need to complete out of your head and down on paper. Once you have listed all the tasks that need to be worked on, you can go [...]

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