• When I saw this post had more than 7500 views, I knew I had to share it with all of you!!

    Social media is meant to be social, a two way conversation, not one way self promotion. Want to get more engagement? Try these conversation starters: 

    1. - What’s your biggest struggle with (your industry)?
    2. - What events are you looking forward to?
    3. - What blogs have you been visiting non-stop lately?
    4. - What’s the website you can’t stop visiting?
    5. - What conferences are you looking forward to?
    6. - What’s your favorite thing to do on Facebook?
    7. - I’m most likely to share __________.
    8. - What’s your #1 goal for next year?
    9. - Is your business on Facebook?  Leave it below.
    10. - Are you on Twitter? What’s your handle?
    11. - Do you have a blog?  Leave it below. 
    12. - Who do you love to follow on Facebook?
    13. - What book should everyone read?
    14. - What’s the #1 thing you want to see on this page?
    15. - What’s one word to describe (your industry)?
    16. - What topics do you want to see us write more about?
    17. - What of [...]
  • You know your business should leverage social networks, but it’s daunting when you have zero followers, zero fans, zero members and zero connections. The good news about social networks is we all start at zero, so even those businesses with thousands of followers sat and stared at those big zeros, too. The key to getting fans is to get your business “out there.” Wherever you are, you just have to start. Here is a list of 30 strategies that get impressive results when you need to create fans from scratch.

    1. Craft a contagious profile. In 140 characters, people decide whether they want to follow you. Make it wow!
    2. Post pictures, tag them and ask for comments or captions. Pictures are highly likable and share-able.
    3. Post videos and ask for comments and shares. Videos are compelling!

    4. Create a Twitter background that gets opt ins. Add your web address and blog URL in the left panel, so people know other places to find you.
    5. Include a link to your website [...]

  • The best thing about Facebook's timeline changes is that images take up significantly more Facebook real estate than posts without images.  Of course, you want to maximixe your opportunity for getting your posts read on Facebook so here's a little cheatsheet.  

    Cover Photo: 851×315
    Profile Photo: 180×180
    Custom Tab Photo or Logo: 111×74
    Shared Photo: 403×403
    Highlighted Photo: 843×403
    Milestone Photo: 843×403
    Ad Image: 111X72

    All the best, 


  • We’ve heard of the great benefits of blogging….staying top of mind, keeping leads warm and turning prospects into buyers, but the problem is….what if no one knows about your blog?

    If you’re starting a blog or if your blog just hasn’t build momentum (yet), it can feel like a big waste of time and energy.

    That’s what I love about Triberr.com.

    Triberr leverages Twitter to amplify your blog’s reach.  Sounds complicated, but it’s not!

    It works like this.  Basically, you set up an account and start building your tribe by inviting people to your tribe or you can join other people’s tribe.  Your tribe is a group of people that have a similar audience as you.

    Now, every time you post a new blog article, your article shows up on your tribe member’s feed.  When your tribe members log on, they can easily share your post via Twitter.

    What I do is go back and look at my Twitter @mentions that day and I love seeing a stream full of retweets of my post.

  • Avoid Losing Easy Targets

    March 25, 2013

    When someone signs up for your email newsletter they are raising their hand and saying “I’m interested in your business.”  They like you and they are an easy target to funnel to your Facebook Page.

    Use this three step process to get them to like your Facebook page. Yep, its just three steps. 

    1. Put this simple statement on your email Welcome letter.  “Don’t forget to complete your membership, ‘Like’ (your business name) on Facebook.”
    2. Then, copy and paste the link to your Facebook page.  
    3. Include a sentence or two about the benefits that you offer on Facebook and what they'd miss if they didn't like your page.

    That’s it.  Now, you have one more way to stay in front of potential clients. 

  • Starting a blog can be frustrating.  You know the benefits: pull marketing, putting yourself in front of your target audience frequently, positioning yourself as an expert.  Even with all of those benefits, blogs take a good amount of time and when your are starting, it’s likely that your traffic is low. 

    So, here’s what to do.  Start a collaborative blog series. 

    A collaborative blog series is where you invite a group of people to contribute content to your blog.  This works because you are inviting their fans to come to your blog to read what they’ve contributed.  The graph at the top of this post is a little proof.  

    This graph shows how many people visited my blog each day for two months. See those peaks?  My contributors’ articles were posted on Wednesdays.  Every peak is on a Wednesday.  That’s good, right!

    Here’s what to do. 

    Formulate Idea: What is the current content of your blog?  What are the “holes” that are outside of your expertise?  What else would help your t [...]

  • What do you think?  Which social network is the best for business?

    There are hundreds of social media networks your business could be on.  Hundreds of business owners get stuck on that.  They don’t know which one to be on and feel like if they are not everywhere, then they must be missing potential clients and customers.

    That’s not the case.

    There are 2 things (yes, just 2) that you need to consider when you are using social media to market your business.

    Check out the vid and I’ll tell you exactly what they are.

  • Yes.  That’s a shock.  Taking a break for lunch, answering the phone and the man on the other end saying, “Hi, this is Seth Godin.  Is this Katrina?”


    Recently, I launched a major philanthropic project that helps entrepreneurs and rescues moms and babies in need.  (The full scoop about that is here http://www.agivingchance.com)  

    Honestly, it’s been an amazing amount of work and parts of my business have taken a back seat to make sure this project gets the time and love it deserves.  

    There were times when I wondered, “What’s the point?” “Is doing good, good business?”

    I’m still in the midst of the project, but I can say these 3 things about the benefits of infusing philanthropy into your business.

    1. It opens doors.  People like Seth Godin, Jonathon Fields and Copyblogger know my name.  They open my emails.  I’m on their radar.  
    2. It gives me something to talk about.  I’m 10 months into building a social media training company (http://www.padronsocialmarketi [...]
  • One thing you don’t know about me is that at this time last year I was crying on the hospital floor watching my baby girl take what I thought was her last breath. She had to be paralyzed and put on a ventilator and for a week she didn’t take a single breath on her own.  Amazingly, she is happy and healthy now. 

    But, my heart broke for the moms and babies in extreme poverty who go through this and can’t get to one of the top hospitals in the nation for care. The devastating reality is that more than 9 million children under age 5 die each year. Two-thirds of these deaths — more than 6 million every year — are preventable.

    It’s not fair.  It’s not right. I knew I had to do something.

    Eighteen nationally known and successful entrepreneurs have come together to support Compassion International’s Child Survival Program. I have founded A Giving Chance. A Giving Chance is an online drawing that is celebrated with two winners receiving a Dream Team Business Makeover from 18 brilliant [...]

  • There was an event in town that I really wanted to speak at, but I didn’t even know about the event until after the speakers were lined up. Have you had that happen; where you felt like you totally missed your opportunity?

    I found a solution. I wasn’t able to speak, but I pitched the event planner an idea that would add value for the attendees. 

    The conference was about social media and since that is my area of expertise, I said that I would offer their attendees complimentary social strategy sessions.  

    They loved the idea, set up a table for me and during the conference, hot leads came right to my table!

    My tip to you is to find a way that you can make their conference better at no cost to them.  That truly felt like a win-win!

  • Speaking engagements are powerful for business.  It positions you as an expert in your field and it puts you right in front of your ideal target audience. 

    The problem is that I was sending pitches and no one was interested.  I knew I had something to say; something most social media agencies shy away from, but for months it felt like a lost cause. 

    Then, a Savor Sister gave amazing advice.  She said I needed a Speaking Tab on my website.  I put up the speaking tab and re-pitched big conferences and associations.  Five said yes immediately. 

    So, if you are looking to speak, then a Speaking Tab is a MUST DO!

  • It’s true, testimonials are crucial.  Testimonials have power.  It shows prospects that you are credible, your products and services are outstanding and we get to see what kind of customers you serve. The challenge is that when you are starting, you usually don’t have a long list of clients and customers raving about you....just yet. 

    There are 5 ways to get instant credibility. 

    1. Giving Things Away.  The “Free Gift” is a brilliant and long standing marketing technique that works.  Think about it.  Free samples at the grocery store, free 15 minute consultation, free Victoria Secret panties....the list goes on. When you offer something for free it invites a customer to try your product or service with no strings attached and it gives you an opportunity to get customer feedback.  After they try your free offering, ask them what they thought.  Turn those comments into testimonials. 
    2. Solicit Rave Reviews.  You might be just starting your business now, but you’ve likely worked wit [...]
  • I truly can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve been given for my email signature. Email signatures have been around a while and certainly aren’t rocket science, but having said that, there are true benefits of having a memorable email signature. 

    1. It instantly puts a face with a name.
    2. It shows you are a ‘real’ person (which is so important when emailing pitches and proposals)
    3. People remember it. 
    4. When I meet people for coffee, they already know what I look like and can find me

    Here’s what mine looks like. 

    Email Signature Katrina Padron - PadronSocialMarketing.com

    I use Wisestamp.  It should only take about 15 minutes and it’s free so go ahead, click the link and take care of it right now!

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