Katt Philipps, Licensed Esthetician, Master Makeup Artist, G.M. Collin Master, Owner With over 20 years in the beauty industry, Katt started as a Special Effects Makeup Artist in Hollywood. After working on over 30 feature films, teaching at the famed Makeup Designory School in Burbank, CA, and for the Katsura School in Japan, she met her husband and left Hollywood for good. When given the opportunity to reinvent herself, Katt decided to pursue an education in esthetics wanting to teach women to give themselves the Hollywood look at home. Twelve years later, she feels she has found her true passion in life and it is with that passion that she has started Gräfin Skin and Beauty. GrÃ...
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Katt Hunsaker
Grafin Skin and Beauty AND Petalandherb.com
2424 Reflections Drive
Aurora, IL

Phone: 8033417809
Website: http://www.petalandherb.com

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