The Innovare Group, Inc. is a strategic consulting and leadership coaching firm that solves for the ​costly issues that arise from misalignment in three key areas: 1) Lack of Defined Strategy or Roadmap to Operationalize it 2) Talent Underutilized or Misaligned with Strategy & Goals 3) Constant Gravitational Pull From Strategy to Tactics The Innovare Group was born after two decades of working with Fortune 1000 to family owned companies, creating and evolving sustainable, scalable business models. Our passion is for developing high EQ leaders, elevating women into senior leadership positions, aligning business functions, and breaking the mold on outdated ways of thinking about...
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Kimberley Bohr
The Innovare Group, Inc.
1752 NW Market Street #620
Seattle, WA

Phone: 2065524452

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