Statuesque,Saucy and Candid are some words that describe the Topeka, KS born, European raised girl next door with flair that you’ve come to know as Linda L. Eubanks. Linda has always dreamed of living BIG the moment she received Barbie’s Dream House for Christmas along with Barbies other indulgences. It’s her love for Smarties, girl talk, strawberry smoothies, infectious smile that makes her approachable and genuine to all. It’s her personal mission to be the support system that women entrepreneurs need to fulfill their Passion, Purpose and Poise. Linda L. Eubanks & Co., an full-service organizing brand for the girl next door with FLAIR in her business, life and living spaces....
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  • LUXE Operational Consulting [more]
  • White Wing Concierge [more]
  • Outsourcing Outlet [more]

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  • Business Consultant
  • Management Consulting
  • Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • Philanthropy
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