If I were a cat, I would have already used at least three of my nine lives! Starting my life as a dancer and actress, I’ve strutted my stuff as a Vegas Showgirl, shook my bootie in a rap video, and ate mountains of burgers for national commercials. Along the way, I found Pilates, or rather it found me. After suffering from chronic pain in my back, someone suggested I try Pu-la-tees. Although I couldn’t pronounce it at first, it sure changed my life! Turns out Pilates, is a man, a method, and ah-maz-ing! Not only did my back pain subside but a spark was ignited in my heart. I had found my second passion and it was PILATES!!! I studied, certified, and then studied some more. I w...
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FORM Pilates Biz-nass Social

My guests are two experts from the wellness world that ended up not where they started. Through intuition and right timing our guests unearthed an unlikely career path on the road to their success. Meet two ladies who’s passion for a fitness method DIDN’T lead to opening a brick and mortar. Live/Web

Dates: 7/31/15
Fee: $30-$60
Discount: $10 off
Sign-up link: http://bit.ly/1SNoxAY

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Lindsay Lopez
FORM Pilates
108 E. 16th St.
5th Floor
New York, NY

Phone: 323.791.6393
Email: lindsay@formpilates.com
Website: http://www.formpilates.com

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