Lisa Barton

Creative Xpressions Group, Inc. - Owner
Malabar, FL

blog post:

Are you GROSS? (Here's the solution!)

Be honest. How many networking events have you been to where it's one giant pitch fest with people shoving their business cards in your hand faster than you can say "No thanks"? I get it. I've been to a lot of those events. And to be honest, they...

By Lisa Steadman - Added to favorites on June 4, 2010

blog post:

What are Savor the Success introductory member limitations?

As you may have noticed, Savor has gone through an extreme makeover! As always, we are committed to providing the very best business tools to our premium members and will continue to roll out new and exciting features. To support these ...

By The Moderator Pup - Added to favorites on April 8, 2010

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