• After months of several job hunting, you’ve finally landed a new role! Now you’re probably faced with the question of how will you be able to sustain your success and build on it.  

    There is a myth that for every ups there has to be a downs. There cannot be anything more untrue than this. Our focus should be entirely on building on our past successes and increasing the momentum towards our desired outcomes and long term goals. Now, if in any case you haven’t established any long term goals just yet, it is never too late to assess your current situation and how this new role could help lead to a much clearer and better career path for you.

    Let’s explore what are the best key steps for you to keep moving towards the career advancement ladder with the help of your new role.

    Identify personally constitutes your success

    Take a sheet of paper. Jot down your definition of success. What does succeeding mean to you? What is the exact definition of success to convert your visio [...]

  • In a world where we're constantly grinding and chasing success, things can become very exhausting. In our quest for success and freedom and liberty, we often get trapped with the whole process and find ourselves losing all the energy and motivation in between. 

    It's when we need to stop and step back.

    Be Mindful of Mindfulness

    We're on the way to achieving a certain goal and in order for us to keep going and avoid getting daunted along the way, we need to check whether what we're doing on a daily basis leads to the very road we're looking to go.

    Having worked in both the corporate world and startups, I have come to a better understanding that both lifestyles of constantly grinding can be both rewarding and exhausting.

    That's why we see successful people like Arianna Huffington are advocating the need to have a balanced lifestyle. In a study by led by David M. Levy of University of Washington where they observed three groups of people, one group underwent 8-week tra [...]

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