Madeleine Hudson

Dell UK - Dell EMEA Channel Campaign Manager & Social Media Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Newbury - United Kingdom
  • Enterprise-level businesses clearly have a lot to gain from the cloud. Massive, sprawling organisations can quickly see huge cost benefits through virtualization, as hardware is repurposed and energy bills are slashed.

    The benefits are not confined to large organisations however; small and medium businesses can also reap the rewards of virtualization, albeit on a smaller scale. One common denominator in any company is the need for pooled information and easy access to that information - which normally requires the presence of network data storage devices. Deploying Dell data storage hardware, such as network attached storage (NAS) servers, can help your employees to manage, share and store data more efficiently and securely.

    How a NAS Can Help Your SME

    Dell’s data storage hardware can be used for block or file storage, or a mixture of both. That makes it ideal for the storage of business data, the archiving of data and the storage of user desktops in a desktop-as-a-servi [...]

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