Marcey Rader

Work Well. Play More! Institute - Founder
Raleigh, NC
  • Workshops and Keynotes

    Marcey Rader’s a high-energy speaker who packs presentations with actionable advice and real-world wisdom earned over 15 years of high-intensity, high-travel corporate life and now as a business owner.

    Her #1 mantra? You can reach peak productivity without sacrificing your health to get there. You’ll notice a new vibe and renewed vigor at your company once she’s inspired your team to Work Well and Play More!® Marcey’s the founder of the Work Well. Play More!® Institute and Marcey Rader Coaching, LLC; which entrepreneurs, teams, and leaders around the world trust to help kick their lifestyles back into balanced gear through coaching and courses.

    Her speaking roster’s alive with full-on conferences and internal-team workshops for Fortune 100 companies, startups, and everyone in between (including names like Cisco, SAS Institute, Business Travel News, Syngenta, and Emaar Properties).

    Far from some same-old speaker, Marcey presents no-BS, no-excuses stories and strategies that help audiences transform their professional lives. No exaggeration: listeners leave knowing “yes, I can” and the party doesn’t stop on stage. Everyone’s invited to reach out personally for individual guidance, support, high-fives and fist bumps.

    Make your next event The One They Remember: say hey to Marcey, and get ready to rock.

  • Power Plan

    Customized, evidence-based productivity and health coaching.
    Know your why and create realistic goals from where you are now.
    Movement strategies based on your fitness level to stop the excuses and rev up your energy.
    Behavior-based nutrition recommendations to stop being ‘hangry’, eating items masquerading as food and start eating the real thing.
    Sleep techniques to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
    Relaxation methods that fit your personality to decrease stress, increase calmness and improve decision-making.
    Productivity strategies for email, task, time, social media, home and travel management – you will reach Inbox Zero!
    Accountability email or text check-ins
    All this in three (3) 50-minute sessions of virtual web conferencing per month

  • Work Well. Play More!® Health and Productivity for High Achievers Online Course

    Declutter your mind, body, and inbox, one habit at a time.
    Online health and productivity course with 15 modules and bonus materials.
    The course includes the following topics and much more - eating for energy, finding movement opportunities, shrinking the inbox, incorporating task techniques that work, mastering meetings and conquering calendars.

  • Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide

    This comprehensive book for business travelers, road warriors, and mobile professionals gives you the tools you need to help you reclaim your life and health. You can be a traveler, climb the ladder and build your business, without sacrificing your health and productivity.

    How to eat for energy, sleep in a hotel and stay healthy during air travel. How reframing exercise as movement opportunities increases your productivity and prevents butt amnesia. How to process your email to stop living off of other people’s agendas. Apps, programs and processes to stop wasting time, moving tasks to the next day and losing your receipts. Get loads of bonus material, all links, and references in the book and discounts via online hidden chapters.

  • Hack the Mobile Lifestyle: 6 Steps to Work Well and Play More!®

    Health and productivity for business travelers.

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