Who is the heck is Millicent Richardson? Well I am a very unique individual that loves life to the fullest. If don't see a smile on my face please take me to the hospital because something is seriously wrong. So you’re a little curious to find out who we are. Let me help you out. Far Beyond Candles is a family based business. That was created because of my daughter. My daughter wanted to have more mommy daughter time. She asked me if we could make candles together since I was always buying them and often unhappy with them. Well after looking at her strangely. I told her that would be impossible. So she replied why. Needless to say I was unable answer her. After much r...
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  • Luxury Moisturizing Lip Balm
  • Bulk Body Splash/Mist
  • lotions and body butter

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  • Cosmetics & Skincare

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