Monica Dennis

On-Call Editing - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer
Stratford, CT
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  • The Price of Good Business

    February 18, 2010

     I am frustrated.

    When you are part of a networking group like Savor the Success and have a blogging platform available yet have your own blog elsewhere, the question is how to best utilize the application. Tonight I realized what this STS blog could be for. My M.O.M. blog is where I talk about life, family, the business, my passions. But sometimes I need to vent and I don't exactly want to do that in a place where my customers and potential customers are likely to visit.

    So what's the issue? People want quality but they don't want to pay for it. I don't blame them. I want a good deal too. And when you shop around and find that 8 companies are charging one price and another is somewhat or even much higher, you wonder why. But I know why, at least in our case.

    It's all about the quantity. We need groups, companies, organizations ordering hundreds, thousands of our puzzles. Our target market is groups but we attract the individuals. We try to market to the groups to get the large orde [...]

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